LA Craigslist: JDM RHD Datsun 510

Our own esteemed Robert Emslie sent this into our tips line (which is also spammy email group where we exchange about 10000 emails a day). In his email he referenced a solo sex act that perhaps this could be relevant to hoon interests. Jeff agreed, but noted that it would require some some fixin’ and a price change.

[Source: Craigslist]

The matter of stance is a personal thing, some love it, some hate it. Whatever the case maybe, it can be easily changed to one’s liking. Same thing with wheels, seats, steering wheel. What is noce about this car is the fact that it is a rust-free, low-mileage, right-hand-drive import from Japan. Furthermore, according to the ad, it’s mechanically well updated and all the paper work “LEGIT”

With all that said, this is where is where the issue of price comes in. While we’d all love to catch modern classics at their bottom market, that is definitely not the case for a clean 510. The owner of this car is asking $20,000 as it sits. Considering its originality and the fact that it has the desirable JDM-ness… will the owner get that much?


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