Kamaz Dakar Race Truck

Kamaz Dakar Trucks can do anything

Well, not anything. I don’t see them crossing a rickety bridge, but then again, they could just jump it. So yeah, back to anything.

Dakar is just around the sand dune and the Kamaz trucks will again be attacking the dunes, rocks, and even some two-track in places. These massive machines are awe-inspiring. Not only have they conquered some of the roughest terrains on the planet, but they have also done it while racing against others. We’ve all heard about the X-Raid Minis and the motorcycles fighting through the desert, but my favorite Dakar competitors are always the massive off-road truck. Born out of the vehicles used to just support the rally, these massive trucks blast across the racecourse.

The Kamaz entries weigh in at 9.5 tons or 19,000 lbs. That’s three Toyota Sequoias or eight Smart Cars. They also make 1,100 horsepower through a turbo diesel engine. There is so much going on in these beasts. I love them.

In anticipation of Dakar, Red Bull Motorsports released a video of the Kamaz trucks doing all kinds of bat crap crazy stunts. It is really a compilation of stunts from the past: tandem drifting with a pro drifter, jumping on a WRC rally stage, and so much more.

Enjoy the mammoth-sized excitement!

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