Just Cruising Out and About In The Ozarks

IMG_4909 So, yeah, my fellow Hoons, it appears the Hooniverse Overlords have yet to pry the Key to the Hooniverse Vault from the grimy hands of this olelongrooffan so I thought (with sly encouragement from dukeisduke) I would pop up a few things spotted around these here Ozark Mountains over the past little whiles. As I usually do, this olelongrooffan often heads out to get myself lost and find my way back to the hacienda while simultaneously trying to find what I think is some cool shit to share with my fellow Hoons. I believe this day was no different. After all, when was the last time any of us have spotted a ’70 Thunderbird coupe live and in the flesh? With complimentary algae at no extra charge. IMG_4911 (2) That old ‘Bird was spotted outside a shop that was plumb closed up on that weekend day. The best this olelongrooffan could do was to check out what else was hanging around outside while banking away its location for a V.I.S.I.T. in the not to distant future. Well, after spotting that 7TBIRD out front, I had to meander around the side of that structure to see what was parked in the field next to it. And this olelongrooffan was not disappointed. Yeah, along with a couple covered up boats, there was a trio of sweet rides that appear to be in various states of renovations including a highly desirable W123 W114 (thanks Man!) coupe, a gorgeous Alfa Romeo and a quasi desirable Isuzu Trooper. Or is that an Acura SLX? IMG_4904 And what about the parking lot on the other side of this shop? Well, it was there this olelongrooffan spotted this rusty E Type just awaiting some attention from the body repair dude this shop undoubtedly has to have in its employment. And, yes, bonus points were awarded for the vintage Antique Vehicle Virginia license plate adorning the ass end of this sweet fastback. IMG_4907 (2) But Wait! An E Type without wire wheels? This is possibly the first E Type this olelongrooffan has seen with old school chrome wheels and poverty hubcaps. On every day run of the mill XJs? Sure, but never on an E Type. IMG_4908 (2) And if the amount of rust permeating this E was not visible to the naked eye in the image of that fastback with the cargo style door opening hatch, it certainly is visible in the image above. But damn those wheels and hub caps are sweet. Definitely worth the price of admission. IMG_4905 (2) But by far the coolest thing this olelongrooffan spotted out and about at that shop that day was the derelict metal parts bin out back. IMG_4906 (2) Yes my fellow Hoons, that is a racked up old school Ford Cortina serving up a second life here in the yard at this shop smack dab in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. This olelongrooffan can’t hardly wait to get with the dudes who run this shop to ascertain its origins and just how the hell it made its way to this slice of Heaven. IMG_4912 And if my fellow Hoons believe this olelongrooffan always hangs out under the radar, this is what I spotted rounding the corner while heading back to my longerroof. Undoubtedly time to beat it the hell out of here. IMG_4829 Only to head on to another day’s adventure here in the Ozarks. Stay Hooned. Image Copyright Hooniverse 2016/longrooffan

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