Just a Couple Quickies From The Brit Show A Whiles Back


So a whiles back this olelongrooffan attended a nearly all-Brit car show up in Burt Reynold’s hometown. I captured a bunch of images at that show and am still trying to filter through them. As happens often to this old man, I have forgotten what 1/2 the stuff I had seen really is. Any of my fellow Hoons help out?


WireWheel.com had a few things out including this Coyote looking car, although I am certain it possesses a whole lot more provenance than that.


If I remember correctly, I thought it was powered by something Honda.


And just down the walkway a bit was this one located directly across from a Morgan Three Wheeler.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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5 responses to “Just a Couple Quickies From The Brit Show A Whiles Back”

  1. Andy Avatar

    First car is a Chevron B16. Second is a Lotus 2-11.

  2. Mark Morland Avatar
    Mark Morland

    Chevron B16 is my nomination for best looking car, for 30 years now.

    1. scroggzilla Avatar

      [youtube Z_rt5pf4A6s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_rt5pf4A6s youtube]
      Sounds as good as it looks.

  3. Rover1 Avatar

    Not powered by Honda, but powered by Ford – Cosworth or some sort of Zetec?

  4. Alex Avatar

    It's a 2.0l twin cam 16v cosworth engine. Probably out of a ford sierra cosworth or ford escort cosworth or ford sierra sapphire cosworth. Amazing turbocharged engines.