Just a Bunch of Flintstones Cars

Barney's about to hit Fred upside the head with that rock, and jack his fine ride.

One of the immutable questions of my youth was how in the hell did Fred steer that damn car? That went along with why did he choose the formality of a tie while simultaneously foregoing pants? Both conundrums that could keep a young boy who hadn’t yet discovered girls (this was only my freshman year of college, after all!) up at night. My obsession with Fred’s sled was apparently shared pretty universally, as there’s a mess of people out there how have tried to replicate the Bedrock Bentley.

The 1994 live-action version of the Flintstones – as well as the Oscar®-robbed sequel Viva Rock Vegas featured a version that shunned accuracy for family values, adding a back seat.

This one, from Ecomodder, looks like Fred’s ride, via Gilligan’s Island. That, or it’s what Fred’s snooty English cousin drove, as the steering wheel’s on the right.

This Arizona car looks rough, even for a stone-age conveyance. That surrey top is kind of fetching, however.

Eschewing turning or even moving, this Flintstones-themed tourist  stop version is more park bench than parkway. Of course an order of Bronto-Ribs would be less likely to flip a car over on its side if it’s been staked to the ground.

Another theme park ride, this one has a kind of Flintstones Meets the Jetson’s feel to it, and is one of the only ones to have lights!

Greenpeace may espouse a progressive vision, but their car choices are rooted firmly in the cave man days.

You know, Fred wasn’t the only one not waiting at the bus stop- Barney had his own set of wheels, and this recreation of his Lincoln Log apparently has a pretty decent towing capacity.

In fact there were a bunch of cars on the streets of Bedrock, and this UK prop house can set you up with a raptor roadster or coupe d’landfill.

But of course, what you really want is Fred’s whicked cool whip, and Make Magazine can show you just how to get it.

Once you’ve finished building your own Fred-mobile, you’d be just a tiger stripe shirt and tie away from scooping up Wilma for your own kind of yabba-dabba-doos.

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  1. Flintstones Costume Avatar
    Flintstones Costume

    Fantastic collection of Flintstones cars. A few years ago I traveled in Japan and an old guy lent me his old van. There was a hole and I could see the ground. I thought to myself, "Gee, this reminds me of the Flintstone's car!"

  2. microbuss Avatar

    actually the themed park Flintmobile as its called Is powered by a VW Bug chassis As is the one theme park in Keystone,South Dakota