Jolly Good Show Old Chap – The Queen's English Car Show is Coming Up

Once a year Woodley Park in Van Nuys CA hosts the annual oiling of the grass, or as it’s better known, the Queen’s English All-British Car Meet and Jumble. This year’s feting of all things Jolly Olde falls on March 18th, less than two weeks away and plenty of time to top off the SUs and tighten up your Undos. Kicking off at 9am, the show will once again be a casual affair, one that’s good for either a stroll-through or making a day of it. There will be food vendors so you won’t go hungry, and things will wind up at a questionable electrical system friendly 4pm. One thing to keep in mind is that spectator parking is somewhat limited so you might want to come early. Maybe right after having your kippers for breaky.

It will be well worth it. Participating will be a riot of Rovers, a multitude of MG, an avalanche of Austins, and lots of Loti, and the Jumble (or swap meet) may be the opportunity to find that missing leaf spring gaiter or key fob you’ve been desperately seeking. The show is free for spectators, and there’s a nominal charge for getting your own Brit barge on display, participant entry form may being found here. Similarly, a Map and directions are here.

If you aren’t planning to be in LA this weekend (come on, this show is reason enough!) don’t worry, a mega-super-big gallery will be posted the next week for all your Lucas-joking enjoyment.

Image: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Rob Emslie

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