Jet Boy – Jet Girl: A Pair of Matra DJets Make eBay Seem Somehow More Magical

Mon deux, there's two!
It’s rare to stumble upon a single Matra DJet in the plebeian confines of eBay Motors, but right now there’s an Ohio seller with both a ’67 and a ’68 up for grabs. Not only that, but he’s set each with a By It Now so you don’t even have to wait for the auctions to end to get your Matra on. The ’67 5S has had some restorative work done to it, and is powered by the Gordini 804 engine- which also found its way under the hood of the Alpine 110. The  later car is in rougher condition, but seems reasonably complete. The seller says it’s a California car, but fails to explain the presence of a Hawaii license plate on the nose. This Jet 6 has the 1255 812 Gordini engine, and both cars have throaty 40DCOEs. The DJets were created by René Bonnet of Deutsch et Bonnet (DB) fame. Matra made the bodies and provided factory space, and Renault supplied much of the hard bits. The bodies are fiberglass, and fit – saddle style –  atop a tube frame chassis that cradles the engine in back and provide suspension mounts in the front. The early cars don’t carry the Matra name, and are series numbered I, II, III and IV. After financial trouble (shocking, I know) found Bonnet, Matra took over the smaller company and created the slightly modified DJet V and VI, as we have here. The production  numbers for all DJet models can be counted in the hundreds, and the seller claims that there are only 130 of the 5S known to exist today, and fewer than 79 of the 6S. He also sounds like the go-to guy if you want to finish the restoration on either of these French beauties, as he lays claim to having a number of parts, as well as the cojones to have begun the work. The rattier 6 is offered at $15,000 and the nicer car has an asking price of $20,000. Either one, or both could be yours, and then you could enjoy both driving your eclectic mount, and explaining to every single person you meet just exactly whet the hell it is. 1967 Matra DJet for $20,000 and  1968 Matra DJet for $15,000 Thanks to Scroggzilla for tipping me to the second car.

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