Jag E-Type With a 426 Hemi? YES.


As we like to say around the virtual Hoonvierse watercooler, what eBay Motors giveth, eBay Motors taketh away. Or something. It seems like for every 50 bone-stock vintage cars, you get one awesome custom and one awful custom. Yesterday you saw the latter. Today, eBay delivers with the former.

Sidepipes FTW.

While it was mostly the execution that turned Hoons off with yesterday’s Mk. VII, it wasn’t like anyone was jumping up and down for yet another SBC transplant *SIGH*. Thankfully, for those inclined to seek out the slightly different (read: Hooniversians), the 426 cid mountain of Mopar muscle should set your hemispherical heart aflutter. And mountain isn’t just hyperbole – that repurposed L88 hood blister should have snow on top of it. Get into the nitty-gritty details of the seller’s description and lines just pop out of the page and bat your brain around. “Designed to Accommodate Paxton Supercharger” is a particularly good example. The rear end treatment, borrowing heavily from 914-6 and 911 parts, is positively EVIL.
When I was about 15, my friend picked me up in his dad’s Jaguar XK150, which was little more than a shabby old car when his dad bought it. Thus, out went the fussy six, in went an SBC. It was probably not the fastest car I’d been in even then, but as we hit the backroads the sheer brutality of the thing was virtually inconceivable. 15 years later, this seems like the spiritual successor to that nutso Jag, and were my friend still around I’m sure he’d agree. RIP, kiddo.
Back to the cat at hand – with bids opening at $23k, this isn’t going to be as cheap as that moss-covered ’85 XJ6 down the street, but it’ll move, dare I say, quicker than a cat on a hot tin roof? Yeah, I went there.
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