It's Time For Another Monstrosity From My Harddrive

Well my fellow Hoons, this morning this olelongrooffan arrived at my newish place of employment only to realize those Florida Power Light boys were having a good time playing with their bucket trucks and we had no power. Therefore with no phones and no lights, it’s time for my battery powered daily driver laptop and cellular internet connection to provide us with another Monstrosicity From My Harddrive.

At the 2011 Turkey Run, I stumbled across this thing. At first I thought it was kinda cool and then struggled to grasp the why of it.

Somebody put a whole damn bunch of money into the fiberglass body of this thing only to have it run on aircooled Volkswagen goodness.

It’s like a cross between a Bug, a Mini, a 30’s street rod and, well,

this MG I spotted just a tad bit later.

And I don’t care how many leaks this old MG has, this olelongrooffan prefers it exponentially over that yellow whatcamacallit.

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