It's Stormy in France: LeMans Tempest Could Be Your Daily Driver

pontiac lemans tempest for salepontiac lemans tempest for sale

I’m a big fan of GM’s Y-body platform. Why? In an alternate universe, it could’ve been the progenitor of a line of well engineered mid-size sports cars. With unibody construction, four wheel independent suspension, rear transaxles (or engines!) and a host of peppy small displacement engines, it’s a script GM didn’t had to re-discover relatively recently. A personal favorite being the Olds F-85 with its turbocharged 215ci (3.5L) aluminum V8. Today’s example sports the more common (and less problematic) half-a-389 slant-four. In 4-barrel trim, that engine would make 166hp…not bad for a nearly 50 year old 4-pot. The styling is decidedly early-60s Googie, which is either really weird looking or a welcome departure from more common muscle car lines. The paint and exterior look decent, at least as far as we can tell from the Craigslist-resolution pictures. It’s not obvious from the listing whether the rear-mounted transmission is a manny-tranny or the 2-speed Powerglide. Either way, $3000 minus a dollar is super-cheap for a seriously rare, seriously interesting ride that could easily be your commuter.

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