It's Miata Season – 1991 Mazda MX-5


It’s not unreasonable to expect to see a bunch of Miatas driving around here in the coming summer months. The weather might even be so nice as to permit a short drive with the top down. I shot this 1991 MX-5 yesterday, amidst weather reports that it had actually snowed in some parts of the country. That’s Finland for you.

On XXR wheels and with chrome Runabout mirrors (thanks Blake), the shiny red Miata is at its best. Take a closer look.


I think the stance is pretty perfect on it. I kind of believe it’s a second-hand American specification import, judging by the plates and side markers. Then again, it says “MX-5” on the bootlid, not “Miata”. The engine in it is the base 1.6-litre 115hp one.



The front has had a little knock on the plastic nose at some point. The paint, as shiny as it is, has a number on swirls on it I would eradicate as soon as possible – since the car is otherwise super clean.



The steering wheel has been replaced with an aftermarket item, and there are chrome rollover hoops.


This on-the-move shot depicts the Miata at its best – but the top needs to come down.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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9 responses to “It's Miata Season – 1991 Mazda MX-5”

  1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    Finland. It's not a place I would ever normally take the time to wonder about much, but I seriously dig Antti's carspotting posts. The culture and road hardware are just different enough to feel very distant and vaguely exotic.
    And because Mazda 323F.

  2. dukeisduke Avatar

    What's Prisma?

    1. Perc Avatar

      A chain of supermarkets.

  3. dukeisduke Avatar

    So Antti, is that your white E34 parked in the background (like OLRF's old Indian)?

    1. julkinen Avatar

      It sure is.

  4. MVEilenstein Avatar

    Wait – no mention of the Dodge Caravan?

    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      I'm more into the Signal Red Volvo 940 and the BMW wagons, but I suppose they're implied.

  5. Bret Dodson Avatar

    That's not an American spec car. It has the Euro spec license plate finish panel and the fender mounted indicators. It's a handsome little fellow that has been repainted (the black textured strip along the bottom has been painted body color.
    Nice find! I love these snippets of Finnish traffic life.

  6. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    "…amidst weather reports that it had actually snowed in some parts of the country. That’s Finland for you."
    This may be cold comfort (no pun intended), but it's been snowing in Kansas City since yesterday afternoon.