Italo Disco Inferno Part 2 – Chill Out Collection

Alfa Romeo Alfa 33, 1988. Still accompanied by a crumpled Fiat.

Disclaimer: For this post to make more sense, you might need to refer to an earlier post of mine with the cars still uncovered by snow.

Last November, almost three months ago, I had a look at three small Italian cars parked at a Bosch Car Service forecourt. One of them was for sale, the other had been crashed and the third just sort of existed there, in its brown glory. Ever since, I’ve driven past the forecourt to fill up with fuel, looking at the cars which still sit there not having moved an inch. Well, the brown Alfasud is gone, but it’s a different story for the two others.

Make the jump to see more eerily silent photos of the forgotten cars.

I believe it’s safe to say the 1988 Alfa 33 hasn’t had the odometer make a single tick in these months. I’m sure the rust it had on then has advanced slightly, but then again – what’s a little rust on an Alfa that’s almost 25 years old? No, “terminal” isn’t the word I was looking for.

The Fiat 127 hasn’t magically been transformed back into the shape it once was, but is still crumpled. The registration plates are now gone, but otherwise it remains untouched.

I remember seeing a white A4 on its rear window at some point, indicating it could be sold for €Offers – but no takers have appeared.

Meanwhile, in the spot once occupied by the Alfasud is now a blue monstrosity made by SsangYong. It’s less of an eyesore than the later SsangYongs are, but compared to the smaller cars here the Musso isn’t anything you could call svelte or compact.

Like the Rodius, it too has a Mercedes-Benz diesel, but as it’s on the garage forecourt it’s most likely broken. It’s also slightly rusty.

What next? I, for one, am tempted to lowball the Alfa’s seller with an offer. He asked for 1200 euro with big marker letters last October; since the forecourt is not an ideal place to store the Alfa, I’m sure he’d rather see it gone. It’ll only turn worse, and all the maintenance that’s mentioned in his then ad has gone to waste. With an Alfa bought for, say, 500 EUR, one could have a very nice time for a short while, before it needs attention again. And by that time I could very well be hooked enough to justify spending more money on it.

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