Is there anything that can stop a Ural 4230 6×6?

When I had my 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ in Florida, the only thing I feared was mud. Mainly because that mud usually was located in a swamp and I do not like gators. I stuck to the sandy trails of Central Florida, but if I had a Ural 6×6 that would have been a very different story.

2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ

The Ural 4320 is a Russian transport vehicle made in civilian and military versions. The civilian versions have the headlights in the bumper and the military versions have the headlights mounted higher in wings near the grille. The first models were introduced in 1977 and the model line is still being produced presently.

No replacement for displacement

The powerplant is either an 11.2L V6 turbo diesel (180 hp) or the 14.9L V8 diesel (240 hp). Both engines are mounted to a 5-speed manual. Really why we’re discussing the 4320 is the 6×6 powertrain, good ground clearance, Russian reliability, and how easy it is to fix. Seating is limited with only three seats in the cab, but the rear of the truck can hold 27 individuals. I’d assumed that also means at least 27 assault rifles, pistols, and grenades. There are always grenades.

I happened on this video of a 4320 6×6 on the Interwebs. I have no idea what the actual competition is, but it appears that there isn’t a thing that can actually stop this truck from going up, down, across, under, or through this obstacle course in the Czech Republic. It is amazing how close the spectators are to such a large vehicle moving over uneven terrain. The glory of low range. It’s very different than watching rock bouncers go screaming up a hill.

Preppers prefer six wheels

When the world goes even more crappy than it already is Unimogs, Urals, Pinzgauers, even those weird Arctic land trains are going to be way more popular.

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4 responses to “Is there anything that can stop a Ural 4230 6×6?”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    I always loved the asymmetric wheel hubs of these, even though I don’t understand the WHY behind it. Also sort of baffling how ZIL, GAZ and Ural trucks are going for the same aesthetics, no matter the marked or intention with their purpose.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      Do you mean the “bridges” from center to the “rim’s rim”? That’s a sturdy hookup between valves and compressor tank, to in/deflate the tires.
      Marvel at more engineering solutions – here:

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Well, that’s still pure magic to me. Pretty impressive! I am also a huge fan of these old school drawings:

        40-ish and 60+ degree climbing angles!

  2. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

    The Czechs do it better. the Tatra T-815 is even more unstoppable with swing axles, diff locks and an air cooled diesel.