The Grand Tour presents… A Massive Hunt

Is the latest Grand Tour a Massive Hit?

The Boys are back on Amazon. No, not the dark superhero show (which is great) but Clarkson, Hammond, and May in the Grand Tour Presents…A Massive Hunt. COVID has affected the kickoff of the latest season (4) but they pulled together a special where they traipse around Madagascar looking for £100M of buried pirate treasure. And while we likely knew from the beginning that it was more likely to end in Captain Phillips references than actual treasure, the real stars are the cars.

The Grand Tour presents… A Massive Hunt

If you’re thinking that we’ve seen this before, we have. It’s a hardship trek mixed with amazing scenery and impressive feats of success and failure. May was the first to arrive with a standard Caterham. We quickly learn that Wilman is sending them on an off-road challenge, so he fits larger wheels…and that’s about it. If you’re thinking that is a recipe for spectacular failure in the RWD track-car, you might be surprised.

Clarkson arrives in a very British entry, a Continental GT. Big power and AWD is a good start, but he goes all in with big tires, two snorkels, and a bunch of underside protection. The end result is something I would very much like to own!

The Grand Tour presents… A Massive Hunt

Finally, Hammond arrives in a Focus RS that ends up with with a full set of tracks by the time it hits the mud of Madagascar. When it works, it’s spectacular. When it doesn’t, well…

The Grand Tour presents… A Massive Hunt

Obviously it’s way harder than they expect and they even fail to cover 15 miles in a day. Definitely some serious terrain, and May clearly gets the worst of it with his open cockpit.

Overall, it’s a gag that we’ve seen, but for me at least it still wears well. The more they continued to steal May’s exterior-mounted battery kill switch, the harder I laughed! So go check it out, it’s worth your time.

The Grand Tour presents… A Massive Hunt

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8 responses to “Is the latest Grand Tour a Massive Hit?”

  1. danleym Avatar

    I didn’t know it was coming out, but saw it was last night and watched it. Yes, its the same 3 people that have been together for forever, with the same basic gags and pranks on one another, but if you enjoyed all of Top Gear with them then you’ll like this, too. I definitely liked it, can’t wait for the next one.

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      I had no idea, either– I’ll have to check it out. Like you said, it’s one of those typical TG adventures that always works. It’s like if an automaker offered another modern-day muscle car. Yeah, it’s an old formula, but it’s still fun.

      1. William Byrd Avatar

        Agreed, part of me knows it has to end at some point. I thought that was going to be when Clarkson punched that guy and got fired, but I was happy to see that they’re back doing what they do best. Still, it can only last so long, so I’m in for it as long as it keeps going.

    2. William Byrd Avatar

      I thought it was supposed to be out today, but they “came early” as it were. It’s definitely solid, pretty scripted but with some genuine funny moments.

  2. alex Avatar

    Watched it last evening. Meh.

  3. Christopher Tracy Avatar
    Christopher Tracy

    I need them to mature, not just age. It’s the same jokes since 2008… I’d almost prefer a straight episode that isn’t trying to be funny. Lose the pirate treasure hunt. Just a point to point travel show. Let Wilman keep changing the destination or something… I’m good to wait another year for the next episode.

    1. Kamil K Avatar
  4. Maymar Avatar

    It seemed like at least they were having more fun than Seamen. I dunno, it was fun enough, I’m glad to see someone waste Jeff Bezos’s money, and the Bentley was pretty rad.