Is It Last Call Already?: Lamborghini Weekend Edition: Some of The Lamborghinis Spotted at Amelia Island


Well, this olelongrooffan had originally planned on doing up some posts on my Saturday down at Homestead-Miami Motor Speedway for the PBOC weekend track days with a couple dudes we sold high dollar trailers to last fall and winter. One of those dudes, Casey, called me on Friday from just outside Cape Canaveral while on Florida Highway 9 towing his racecar in that trailer down to Homestead and mentioned I should mosey on down as well. This olelongrooffan is certain my fellow Hoons know, of course, that is just what happened this Saturday morning.

However since our Finnish friend since, apparently with the Overlord’s blessings, has designated this weekend the Lamborghini Tribute Weekend Edition, I thought I might just pop this one up, just for fun. As usually happens when I see a particular post or vehicle my memory is jogged to remember a similar sighting by this olelongrooffan.

Not usurping just responding.

The first time it happened was, ironically enough, UDMan’s Corvair Weekend Edition back when this olelongrooffan was a newcomer to the ranks of Hooniverse contributors and I was unaware of just who the infamous UDMan was, well anyway, his Weekend Edition about Corvairs triggered my memory about some I had seen previously.

And it happens everytime I am out and about and see a GT40, NSX, 240Z, Rambler American,  a way over priced VW sedan, Jeep CJ, a Ford F100 or a 63 Unibody, and just about everything we all enjoy.

The same thing happened upon my return on Saturday evening from a day trip deep into the south Florida Everglades and saw Antti’s posts about Lamborghinis. I reserve the term “Lambo” for any ‘super car’ this olelongrooffan has no interest in owning.

As a result, I figured I would pop up a few Lamborghinis this olelongrooffan had seen at Amelia Island last month shortly after the Mad_Hungarian had prematurely exited the premises and headed back to that beautiful historic city in southern coastal Georgia he calls home.


Now this olelongrooffan is embarrassed to say, as I am about a whole dang bunch of vehicles I spotted that day, I have no idea what that gorgeous white Lamborghini is in the initial image of this post. Just know that it is drop dead gorgeous. And all that lawn furniture? I guess if you have enough money to stay at the Ritz Carlton-Amelia Island during the Concours Bill Warner puts on, you can afford to take the lobby furniture out onto the 17th tee and hang by your rare Lamborghini, at will.

Having said that, this “gold” colored Miura is reminiscent of the first one of these this olelongrooffan ever remembers seeing. It was a rather uneventful moment, at the time. My folks were having yet another one of their kick ass (is that word okay Chief Blooger?) parties in the early 70’s while BigBrotherBob was embroiled in a land war in southeast Asia. A younger couple than my 40ish folks rolled up in one of these in the same shade and thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan were watching the festivities unfold from the faux balcony outside the front bathroom window on the second floor of that four story brick home over the front door, and we just about died when we saw it roll up. We knew of it but had absolutely no freakin’ idea one of these was to be seen in the, then, third largest city in the Show-Me State.


But now when I look at those almost eyebrow like lashes out front it reminds me of, what? Hello Kitty, or yet something else this olelongrooffan doesn’t know Jack Schite about. But check out the rear proportions of this then new fangled super car and you know why thejeepjunkie and I were so taken by that super car fastback.


And just know that this olelongrooffan is, upon reflection, totally embarrassed by the total carp images I have posted here since my arrival here in the Hooniverse. But, regardless of how carpy this image is, the sighting of these two GT400’s sure was an experience I will always remember. Especially since the caretaker of that rear positioned one mentioned that its owner drives it regularly on the same streets my fellow Hoons and this olelongrooffan traverse on a regular basis. Yeah, a real Hoon albeit with his own in house wrench. Something we all probably aspire to. But there is something to be said about turning your own wrench.


After all this time, I am not totally sure which lines on these fastback super cars I like the best.


Bill Warner, the organizer and the force behind the Amelia Island Concours even arranged to have, not only a C7 Corvette show up, but another new super car, at this must see show.


And as Garland137 mentioned in Antti’s post about that 67 Miura, it does look better topless.


This olelongrooffan is gonna call this the same car as featured in that comment with the image from Same colours, same wheels and the lack of a roof reinforce this olelongrooffan’s proclamation. Not to mention the rarity of it in that colour.


Next to those 400 GTs and that topless (is anything better?) Miura was this PMY beauty. And ya know what my fellow Hoons?


Next to it was this seemingly everyday Countach. And while the memory of that movie with those busty women trying to beat out a ticket with the State Troopers…I only wish I had forgone capturing this image only to grab one of the front of that yellow one.


But this chrome bumpered Strada Espada (thanks) sure made my day that later afternoon. 

Yeah, after seeing all of the automotive treasures the Mad_Hungarian and this olelongrooffan had seen that day, 


it was time to reflect on all of that and get on down the road.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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8 responses to “Is It Last Call Already?: Lamborghini Weekend Edition: Some of The Lamborghinis Spotted at Amelia Island”

  1. LTDScott Avatar

    Strada? You mean Espada. That ain't no Fiat.
    I think the black one is an LP400, which is kinda pre-Countach

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      Welll…not so much pre Countach as the first, purest original one.Before the body kitted low profile tyred LP500 and the (IMHO) frankly ugly last version, the Anniversary. Looking at coverage from the Shanghai motorshow,it appears that the Aventador is proceeding along the same evolutionary path. : -(

    2. longrooffan Avatar

      Corrected on the Espada…thanks man.
      I have another image of that "Countach" showing the placard out front. It calls it a 1976 LP400 Countach.
      The Hooniverse commentariat rules!

  2. boxdin Avatar

    Excellent Reporting ! I thought that was an Espada too.. but figured you guys know your schite.

  3. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    I thought I knew Lamborghinis but I don't recognise that first white one. Does anyone else recognise our impromptu Mystery Car?

  4. Doewap Avatar

    3500 GTZ by Zagato. The Z on the fender is not hard to spot even on a carpy image… Only 2 built, one survivor. Only product between Sant' Agatha Bolognese and Zagato.

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      Thank you!

      1. Doewap Avatar

        You're welcome!