Is a Four Speed Enough to Make this Malaise Era Dodge Aspen Interesting?

1978 dodge aspen 4 speed for sale

“1978 Dodge Aspen” tightens no trousers and moistens no panties. But then again, starting with a 318 and four-on-the-floor, then applying a four-barrel intake, a pair of glasspacks and a 3.73:1 LSD rearend might quicken a few pulses. Today’s example has none of those things add-ons, but does have a three-digit high bid as I’m typing this.

1978 dodge aspen 4 speed interior1978 dodge aspen 4 speed interior

The rest of the car is pure Malaise Era, Southwest-style: the paint’s been baked off the horizontal surfaces and all the polymer components have been reduced to chalk. To be honest, the the overall bodystyle isn’t bad by 1978 standards (compare it to the unfortunate “Colonnade” Chevies), but the condition of this one is rough. In particular, only about half the original interior plastic and vinyl remain. At this point, one might be better off gutting it, then coating the floor with high-end Lizard Skin or the like.

Given all that it’ll take to wake up this dessicated paradigm of mediocrity, do the factory-installed three pedals and floor shifter make it worth chasing down, or would you be better off swapping a manual into something cleaner and shinier? Anyway, bidding ends today.

1978 Dodge Aspen for sale – eBay Motors

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