Intended Acceleration – Audi 100 Avant & 200 quattro

White Car from Germany. That's an Associates reference, by the way.

There. The contrived article title is the only reference to the bullshit case of self-accelerating large ’80s Audis. Now we can move on.

I’ve been fond of the C3 body Audis for a while. A friend drove a stylish 100 2.0E for some time, and while that car had its share of issues due to lack of use, as it was a grandfather’s last new car and was laid up for a long time before getting back on the street under the piloting of his grandson, it was a really cool car. The Audi had deteriorated slightly under the hood and had a few scrapes along its bodywork, but the slippery soap bar body and the supreme highway comfort were unparalleled.

Here are two different C3:s I saw recently: an Avant wagon fitting nicely with the Wagon Wednesday theme and a 200 quattro sedan to accompany it.

These Audis are often the least rusty old cars seen driving around, thanks to the fully galvanized bodyshell. Some of them are flaking, some very worn, but somehow the Audis still manage to look classy. Just as long as they’re kept clean.

White suits the 100 nicely, as it’s such a minimalistic design. It’s moved around by a 115hp two-litre five, with nicely roaring sounds.

The Alutec five-spoke wheels do not suit the design very well, but as winter wheels that is understandable as they’re easier to keep clean.

Round the back, things are looking dirtier. It also looks like the rear hatch – handsome with its spoiler-split angled window – has been repainted, as the badge lettering is wonky.


The second car here is a very handsome, dark green/turquoise 1986 200 quattro with excellent gear-like wheels. It has been unnecessarily fitted with chrome arches, and the very flat rear arches do not look good with such kitsch, but the otherwise clean design and the nicer-looking headlights leave those in their shadow. The car is dirty and wears gawky aux lights, but both are signs of honest use.

Like the Avant, this too wears a tow bar. I hear they are popular with our commentariat, no?

The 200 has been rustproofed, which on an Audi isn’t terribly important but does give the idea that somebody has cared about how the car will look 25 years from purchase. As a 1986, it’s a pre-facelift car that had to do with a little less thorough galvanizing than the post-facelift 1990 100, but they still hold their own in our salt-slush. Some surface rust, however, can be seen between the bumper and the taillights.

The badging has lost its chroming, so it doesn’t shout its prestige as loudly as it could. The car has a 2.1-litre turbo five with 185hp, which should ensure swift progress (hat tip to Tsuku for correction!).

There’s also a dent on the right front fender, but as the car is driven by an older gentleman that can be understood.

Which one of these two Audis is your choice of vorsprung – the white wagon or the blue berlina?

Here are The Associates to play us off.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”385″][/youtube]

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