Incredible Cardboard Model of Sebastian Vettel's Redbull RB7

It took Paul Bischof 308 days, 800 hundred work hours, to create and assemble 6500 parts which make up this RB7. The end result is a perfect 1:10 scale replica of Sebastian Vettel’s championship winning RedBull racer, internally known as Kinky Kylie. The most incredible part is the materials which Paul used to make this model out of: cardboard, paper, steel wire, aluminum foil, and plastic. Hit the jump for more pictures.

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It’s one thing to just build a model that looks like an F1 car and it’s a whole other thing to create everything there is in an F1 car. Look at the details in these pictures; the air ducts, the radiators, the brakes. The parts that come off the real car: the engine cover, the nose cone, the steering wheel, head protection, all of those come off on Paul’s model too. The attention to detail is just incredible. 

There are fine lines between a hobby, dedication, and obsession. When those lines blur something incredible comes out, such as this model. While I am sure that Paul has had quite a few offers, he doubt that he’ll be selling the paper cut-outs on-line, so these pictures are the only way to appreciate his work. 

Now would be a good time to admit that I am particularly proud of myself when I evenly fold a piece of paper in half. Folding a piece of paper into three equal parts, which then can put into an envelope, is a cause for celebration. 

Paul says that he spent hours looking at pictures, books, and technical regulations in order to create this model. Hello, F1 teams, you might want to consider hiring this guy. 

Paul drew everything by hand. No CAD was used, just hand-drawn using a compass and a ruler. 

Paul is working on other cars, including Audi R18 TDI, Porsche 917, and others. Check his site here.  

Alternately, you can buy an F1 car. Sort of. If you want to know more about Formula 1, make sure to check out our handy F1 guide

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