Inaccurately Named 1970 Corolla Sprinter Still Runs Great

1970 Toyota Corolla Sprinter For Sale

We’re on a bit of a ’70s Japanese iron tin thing today, it seems. Hopefully that’s not a problem. Whenever we see slightly rough, but really cheap vintage imports, this is the end result we have in mind. It’s low, but not too low. The wheels are just right. The interior’s clean, with racing buckets. But that leaves two points of discussion: the orange paint and the fender mirrors.1970 Toyota Corolla Sprinter For Sale

A Japanese friend of mine once went off on a diatribe as to the uncoolness of fender mirrors. It seems Over There, only lame cars still have fender mirrors, whilst anything you actually care about sports mirrors on the a-pillar or door. East-West definitions of coolness notwithstanding, fender mirrors almost seem like one’s trying too hard…maybe the automotive equivalent of a Kanji tattoo on a corn-fed white guy. (“It means ‘bravery’”. Sure, dude). On the plus side: no blind spots!

1970 Toyota Corolla Sprinter For Sale

Now, the orange. When driving a sub-2000lb (a little over 800kg for you communists) car built before crash testing involved stars, it’s a good idea to vie for the attention of your fellow motorists. This shade may in fact contain “safety” in its name. Then again, one can only take so much retina searing.

1970 Toyota Corolla Sprinter For Sale

Oh yeah, the stats: basically completely restored using mostly OEM parts. Reserve’s not yet met at $10 grand, and the auction ends today.

What say you?

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