In The Lot At The Eurotripper European Car Showor How Jim Yu Saved Me 5 Bucks

This olelongrooffan doesn’t believe it needs to be reiterated that most of the time when attending a car related event the stuff seen In The Lot can be as cool as what can be seen at the show itself. I know that several of my fellow Hooniverse contributors believe that same thing. So this past weekend was the Eurotripper European Car Show up there at the park where the Boston Red Sox hang out during the spring time down here in the Sunshine State. TheKenMan alerted this olelongrooffan to this event and early Saturday afternoon I hightailed it up my section of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway here in southwest Florida and entered the parking lot of that park.
There was a sign posted stating “Spectators $5 Parking, Euros Park Free.” Well, this olelongrooffan was feeling pretty lucky that day and when that youngster approached my longerroof expecting me to fork over a fin for the experience of parking in that mushy field around back, I mentioned to him that I was driving a Euro and my parking admission should be free. He looked at this olelongrooffan like I was a bit off my rocker and told me I was driving a Chevy Blazer.
“Young man, take a look at the emblem on the nose up there.” Well he did and returned to the pilot’s door of my Kentucky blue ride and I questioned him if he recognized the badge I had received from a fellow Hooniverse contributor some time back. “No sir,” was his response. “Well, that is an Opel emblem and that is what this ride is. It is an Opel Blazer marketed out of Germany.” “Enjoy yourself,” was his response as he waved me on through.
Yeah, a little bit of a liberty with the truth but hey, this olelongrooffan enjoyed myself a sourdough pretzel and a glass of lemonade at the concession stand a bit later with that fin. As far as the cars in the lot for that show? Well fellow Hoons, click on through to see what I saw in the lot that day. BTW, thanks for that money saving Opel badge, grasshopper. Sorry you missed seeing it in person this past Hoonimas season.

So there this olelongrooffan was, hanging on a lazy Saturday morning at my new to me top floor condo, affectionately known as the loft, when the massive communication system that is my iPhone lights up and starts vibrating indicating someone is attempting to communicate with this olelongrooffan. Well, I mute Velocity (man I miss SPEEDVISION) and punch the button required to let me talk to whomever is trying to gain my verbal attention.
Well it turns out it is my buddy, TheKenMan, who owns more cars than he knows what to do with. “Longroof, whatca doing?” “Just cleaning out under the lid of my washing machine, how about you?” “Well Goldie and I are heading across Alligator Alley to catch a cruise out of Lauderdale to Celebrate Life and we just passed about 60 VDubs heading west. There has got to be a show somewhere over there.”
I mentioned to him that I was aware of the show but didn’t see if he wanted to go as I didn’t really think he was into tuner Euro stuff. “Hell, longroof, I thought you knew me better than that, life is more than street rods!” Well next time KenMan, you, Goldie and I will be attending one of these shows, your Celebrate Life cruise be damned.
So, as I mentioned this olelongrooffan attended that show and I have a whole d*mn bunch of images to share from that attendance to share with fellow Hoons based on the Hooniverse Overlords scheduling pleasure. In the meantime check out the above image of an old school Rabbit and a later model Golf. Can I talk about size bloat here? A high school buddy of mine sported a similar color and size Rabbit back in the mid 70’s while we were attending Springfield Catholic High School and that thing (no, not A Volkswagen Thing) was scalding quick in bone stock form.
And while this was a Eurotuner Show this bonnetless 300Zx seen in the lot was a welcome addition. And Hoons it was interesting to note….I captured these images when I first arrived at this show. Unlike any previous show I had attended, there were several groups of folks, including a couple and their teenaged daughter wandering around checking out what was in the lot.
And of course, this olelongrooffan had to capture an image of one K’s dream Land Rovers. I must admit that if thejeepjunkie would let me get one, and if I could afford the price of admission, I wouldn’t mind one myself.
Having said that, this longroof is more likely to be in my budget. I have always lusted after this gen VDub longroof and it appears to be in the shade of brown that would gain acceptance over on that book about your face that caters to vehicles of the brown persuasion.
But as I look at this one, this olelongrooffan can’t help but remember what my pops, TheGentlemanFarmer, related to thejeepjunkie and me every time we wanted to alter the stance on one of our rides, “Boys, while it looks cool, the engineering required to make this work might be just beyond your abilities. Enjoy the look but save the expense.” And while at the time that response kind of hurt, in retrospect he was dead on correct in his analysis. Plus, his advice saved us a ton-o-money on new shoes for our rides.
So after attending that show, more of which shall be seen soon, this olelongroofan spotted this winged GTR and a pretty cool Supra out in the hinterlands. Upon a second trip by, there was a trio of dudes standing around admiring it and as one of them opened the pilot;s door, I queried if this was a GTR? That dude laughed and said, “No, it’s a Chevy Cobalt.” Well, this olelongrooffan promptly flipped him a bird and said, “I know a Chevy Cobalt and this is no Chevy Cobalt,” in my best Lloyd Bentsen interpretation.
Well, that generated a chuckle from those youngsters and just around the corner I spotted this cool *ssed near stock GTR for my fellow Hoons viewing pleasure.
Just down the ways was this 5 series touring, the year of which and the color of which this olelongrooffan would love to include in my livery. Trust me on this one…if I owned one of these I would never lust after another ride again in my life.
Now seriously…do my fellow Hoons really believe that statement?
Finally, the last Hooniworthy ride this olelongrooffan spotted In The Lot was this Polaris Sidewinder Slingshot. I have known for some time that Polaris was manufacturing ever increasing sized rides but I didn’t realize they had gone this far.
A first I thought it was a T-Rex, similar to the one I had seen a few years back, but this one is much more aggressive and really looks the part.
And this image? It should be included in the Oops I Did It Again post from Germain Arena. Dooh!!
Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

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  1. faberferrum Avatar

    That Sidewinder looks cool, but I'd hate to get rear-ended in it.

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      While this olelongrooffan IDed that Polaris as a Sidewinder, it is actually a Slingshot. I had seen an ad after seeing it but before writing this up somewhere online for a Sidewinder and just assumed it was incorrectly identified by me out in the field. Sorry about that.
      But I still wouldn't want to get rear-ended in this Slingshot either.

  2. audiofyl Avatar

    I think your articles are great. In my opinion, it would be much easier reading if every sentence didn't contain the words "this olelongrooffan".

    1. Rover_1 Avatar

      And you, of course, are entitled to your opinion, as are the rest of us here who appreciate olelongroofan's idiosyncratic style and have for some time, IMHO.

    2. longrooffan Avatar

      When I was a kid my Dad hated when one of my ten siblings, myself included, referred to themselves as "I". As a result, early on I developed a third person name for nearly everyone I was in communications with. TheGentlemanFarmer, TheKenMan, Bus-Plunge, thejeepjunkie, the Kid, TheSmartOne, thehorsefarmer, thebarngoddess and many more are just a part of the life I live. My car guy buddies all call me longroof and I take that as a note of affection. It just creeps out into the written word I put out on a semi regular basis.
      BTW, my pops, TheGentleman Farmer is spinning in his grave, if it is possible for ashes to do so, with the number of times this olelongrooffan used "I" in the preceding paragraph.
      Thanks for tuning in and this olelongrooffan hopes you continue to hang around this cool place that is the Hooniverse.

      1. Hatchtopia Avatar

        "Churning in his urn."

        1. longrooffan Avatar

          So using that in future references to TheGentlemanFarmer. Thanks Man.

  3. Maxichamp Avatar

    Since that Opel badge came from an Indonesian Blazer, I dare you to try that at an Asian car meet!

  4. Krautwursten Avatar

    If it wasn't for the lack of correctly formatted license plates, TÜV inspection plaques and emissions class plaques, that second shot would really suggest that you got lost during a drive and somehow ended up in a Kaufland parking lot somewhere in podunk Germany. Good job, America.

  5. Kamil_K Avatar

    LR3 isn't exactly my dream Landy but I'll take one with warranty and mod budget. 🙂

  6. Felis_Concolor Avatar

    Euros park free? That's the sort of low-octane demographic which bars late model GTOs from an "imports only" event while giving Marysville, OH Accords a pass.

    1. Land Ark Avatar
      Land Ark

      Did you spot the GTO with the Monaro front clip in the pics?

      1. Felis_Concolor Avatar

        Yep, that was an amusing sight, especially considering the GTO conversion kits sold in Australia for those wishing to customize their Monaro.

  7. dukeisduke Avatar

    You finally got the badge? Yay!

  8. HycoSpeed Avatar

    I am a little disappointed in the gatekeeper's Euro credentials if he doesn't know Opel, but nice job saving 5 bones!