Illegal Alihoons Unite!

In case you hadn’t heard, Arizona has passed a law requiring the police to question anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally. Many legal experts have warned that this potentially opens the state up to costly civil lawsuits brought about by individuals stopped under the auspices of the law. It appears that one enterprising Arizhoonian has decided that a potential judgement in his favor might be an excellent way to make ends meet.
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12 responses to “Illegal Alihoons Unite!”

  1. BrianTheHoon Avatar

    Obviously this Cobalt owner is Not A Fan of the new AZ law and chose a damn humorous way to show it. Personally, I'm torn on this one. We really do need to get a handle on immigration, less for the "dey took er jerbs" hullabaloo and more for the whole national security thing. Los Federales in ICE have too few resources to cover all the bases so it stands to logical reason that local beat cops should be able to cover the front lines during the course of their regular duties. What concerns me here is the same thing that concerns everyone else: Profiling.
    I know they are claiming that there is specific language that prohibits racial profiling in the law and that the tagged-on addendum makes this language even more emphatic. This is all well and good but the proof, I suppose, will only be seen in the pudding. How many peoples rights will be trampled before they figure they figure out that it's not working out if the implementation is a failure? Seems the only way to make it truly egalitarian is if they require all people Brown, White, Yellow, Black and Plaid to carry proof-of-legalness papers and for the po-po to ask them from everyone (a la proof of insurance) whenever they pull anyone over. The problem with that, of course, is the Orwellian idea of forcing US citizens with carrying a national ID card at all times.
    I see no easy answers here.

    1. lilwillie Avatar

      Considering you need a SS and Driver License to do damn near anything in this country I don't know why everyone is wound up over this. Really, we do have a National ID card already…..
      I just hate though that my auto websites have political posts….
      Graverobber. I know that isn't your intention when you posted this. I know you aren't the kind of guy to push any agenda on anyone but this is like handing your buddy a half full beer and not expecting a raised eyebrow as to why.

      1. BrianTheHoon Avatar

        I don't think the Robber of Graves was trying to make a political statement with this post as much as just making a funny. I chuckled, anyway. My apologies if my comment came across as political to you – I didn't mean it to be. Personally, I wouldn't mind carrying a national ID card, either. I sure can see how that proposal would have everyone up in arms, though.

        1. lilwillie Avatar

          Oh, no worries. I know you aren't trying to start a political argument or anything. I was just hitting two birds with one stone. I'm fine with discussing stuff like this with many of the Hoon regulars. I know they can have a grown up discussion.
          I just hate to see it turn into a pissing contest like most political posts do. Which is why I always try to make fun of them when I see them.
          I know Graverobber isn't being political, I am just kind of surprised to see it. I laughed too, what a great way to flip off the man without actually flipping him off. Which is illegal I guess in Wisconsin, at least it was the last time I did it…

          1. coupeZ600 Avatar

            Thanks lilwillie for the step-back, I was about to jump in with both feet and swingin'. It's just an amazingly polarizing issue here in AZ (and other places. too, I hear) especially coming on the heels of a new law that makes it legal for anyone to carry a concealed weapon anywhere (even bars) without a permit or any training whatsoever has put the whole state on pins and needles.While I believe the adage "If you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns", at least you don't have gangs of armed and drunken ass-hats walking around Downtown looking for a dish-washer or bus-boy to perform a "Citizens Arrest" on.
            Arizona has a really, really, bad track record with armed and drunken mobs, and some off the darkest moments in the state's history are a direct cause of them.

          2. coupeZ600 Avatar

            Thanks! My Bad… You still need a CCW Permit to carry one in a Bar (or other establishment that serves alcohol) unless specifically posted that firearms are not allowed at the entrance. I stand corrected.
            I just saw on the "Colbert Report" he used this photo while poking fun at Arizonans. I don't know how long you've lived here, but I remember my parents dancing around after the news singing, "We're 49th! (Thank God for Mississippi!)".

          3. MrHowser Avatar

            That's what I thought. As far as I know, no one is allowed to carry (concealed or otherwise) in a bar if there is signage prohibiting firearms.
            I'm about three months away from completing my first AZ year. It sure is a change of pace from Washington state, that's for sure. Which picture did Colbert have? And what is AZ 49th in?

          4. coupeZ600 Avatar

            Colbert used the title pic at the top of this post, and Arizona is 49th in almost any thing bad,.. Education, literacy, teen pregnancies, incarceration rates,…. anything you'd feel embarrassed about that your friends in other states are more than happy to point out. It's an insanely beautiful and incredibly diverse state though, as I'm sure you've realized. Just the difference between Phoenix and Flagstaff for example, you could be playing tennis in shorts in 85 degree heat under clear skies at 10:00 AM down there and then drive 100 miles or so and be skiing in a blizzard on ten feet of snow up here just after lunch. Nutty, and the way we like it.
            This Winter/Spring is a lot more like normal than the ten-fifteen year drought we just got out of, so a lot of people that moved here during that time are walking around (especially up here) saying, "WTF?" We always had to shovel the roofs, we just didn't wait until they collapsed to start doing it.
            I was just down in the Valley with the kids for a Diamondbacks game and we hit the Phoenix Zoo early the next morning. Fabulous!
            If you haven't already, check out Desert Valley Auto Parts, it's where dreams are born.

  2. Kraig Avatar

    may we see your papers please Arizona Highways are not for the brown skinned
    this is an illegal employer problem sorry AZ bad plan go after the cause not the symptom

  3. muthalovin Avatar

    I am willing to bet that there is more shoe polish on that Cobalt.
    The side windows probably say "CLASS OF 2010!!!!!" and "SENIORS ROCK!!!!"
    This kid is going places.

  4. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

    The windows on my truck are shoe polished with the words "I'M DRUNK PULL ME OVER". I just love the reaction I get when the cops stop me and find that I am dead sober.

  5. CptSevere Avatar

    I live about twenty miles from the border as the crow flies, and everybody here who drives a van has been pulled over by the Border Patrol at least once. Hell, there is a permanent checkpoint about three miles outside of town, and everybody has to stop there, no matter what they look like. This law won't really change much of anything in the southernmost part of Arizona, it's the way it's always been. It's still the Wild West down here, all kinds of weird shit happens out in the desert.