If You Think Detroit's Potholes Are Bad. . .

Check out this sinkhole in a photo released by the Guatemalan government. Caused by the first major tropical storm of the season – Agatha – the hole has eaten an entire four-way intersection in the capital of Guatemala City. In places like Detroit the potholes are mostly caused by the hydraulic action of water forced into fissures in the roadway by the pounding of car tires. This sinkhole was also the result of water infiltration, the storm having deluged the country and causing underground displacement of thousands of tons of earth, previously weakened by a poor sewage system according to residents. A security guard reportedly fell into the hole, but luckily no one was driving or walking on the road when it opened up. One has to wonder what it must be like seeing something like that ready to eat not only your car but also your house, it must be pretty biblical. Image source: [Guatemalan Government via Sydney Morning Herald]

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