I'd Jump That Shark: '87 M6 for Ten Grand

e24 M6 For Sale The biggest problem with the current e63/64 six series is that it invites comparison to the handsome, pure sixers of old. The e24 M6 represents a pinnacle of ’80s grand touring class. No, it’s never going to be the cone carving autocross warrior the e30 M3 (another favorite) was known for, but this is the car you grab when you’ve got a long way to go, a short time to get there, and a bushy mustache or cowboy hat. e24 M6 For Sale Today’s example sports 132k on the clock, which may be cause for concern, depending on what maintenance has (or hasn’t) been performed over the years. The M88 six cylinder is based on the near-indestructible M30 I6, but the hi-po head and individual throttle bodies are notoriously fussy. e24 M6 For Sale Barring any other major issues, budgeting half the purchase price for maintenance down at Klaus/Ivan/Gunter’s BMW specialty shop still leaves you with a strong performer that doesn’t make you look like a total wanker (see aforementioned e63/64). Source: Universal Auto

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