I Wonder If It Comes With Spritle And Chim-Chim In The Trunk?

Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go! Now’s your opportunity to go like Speed in your very own Mach Five. This C4 Corvette-based custom has the look, but it’s doubtful it has all of Pops’ wonderful toys. But at $32,000 you might have enough left over to add those grille-mounted circular saws.

Offered by a San Fernando Valley (of course) dealer, this looks to be street legal until you get a gander at the headlight spread and realize the reason Speed never realized Racer X was his brother was because he couldn’t make him out in the dark!
While the nose and those lights work to make this Mach Five tribute look modern even today, the round tail lamps and finicky fins out back look vintage ’60s anime. There’s also no trunk lid so if Speed’s little brother and chimp friend are in there, they’ve certainly suffocated by now.
The interior lacks Speed’s steering wheel hub buttons for his various life-saving accessories (my favorite- the catapult legs), but the Vette dash and seats are sufficiently swoopy that you might not mind that little lapse of authenticity.
I you happen to be a fan, or a jonesing for what to arrive in at the next Comic Com, then you might want to make your way over to Woodland Hills Quality Motors to check this out. Who knows, you might just run into Trixie there.
LA Craigslist.

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26 responses to “I Wonder If It Comes With Spritle And Chim-Chim In The Trunk?”

  1. Alff Avatar

    Do want. I'd be a demon on wheels with that bad boy.

  2. LTDScott Avatar

    That's a C4.

    1. Maymar Avatar

      Should this be a Mach 4 then?

    2. James Avatar

      that was my first thought. "That's a C4 interior, c'mon…."
      talk about missing the forest for the trees!

    3. Robert Emslie Avatar
      Robert Emslie

      Yes, yes, I know. It's the later C4 dash which for some reason made my brain type C5. Stupid brain.

  3. BPR Avatar

    It would be even more authentic with a trunk monkey.

  4. regalregalia Avatar

    32k. Not street legal after sundown. Not a track animal so much as a Halloween accessory. Crack Pipe all the way.

  5. Maymar Avatar

    I can't wrap my head around paying 32 grand for a C4 (especially with an automatic) unless it's a mint ZR1. Or there are some extras of questionable legality squirreled away behind a panel.

  6. tonyola Avatar

    Maybe I'm a little too old for the Speed Racer fad, but I've always found the cartoon to be unwatchably lame (even by "ironic" standards). The recent movie, though impressively flashy, was no better. This car means nothing to me.

    1. Alff Avatar

      Does it hurt, not having a soul?

      1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

        Seriously, right? It's half 60s Monaco coverage and half Elvis in "Viva Las Vegas" filtered through Japanese anime sensibilities and featuring a complete disregard for the laws of physics only possible in animation. How can it be lame?
        /Full disclosure, I'm in my office at work and I'm looking at a 1/16th scale Mach 5 surrounded by various 1/64th scale other cars from the show. Still never found a scale model of the Mammoth Car though.

        1. tonyola Avatar

          OK, the Elvis in "Viva Las Vegas" part is enough to keep me away right there. And this is coming from someone who had to learn tons of Elvis songs while gigging and travelling with an Elvis show band for almost a year (including two months in Vegas). The things I did for $350/week plus expenses. Oh, and lets not forget that wonderful four-frames-per-second quality animation.

          1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

            Ha! You're not alone in questionable musical endeavors. I played guitar in a Blondie cover band. That's right, all Blondie, all the time. Thankfully, that didn't last long.

          2. tonyola Avatar

            I've played synths in a few Blondie numbers on stage – "Atomic", "One Way or Another", and "Call Me", but all-Blondie would be a bit much. Was your singer as cute as Debbie Harry was in her prime?

          3. Smells_Homeless Avatar

            Oh yeah, she was. In fact, she was the entirety of the good things we had going for us. It was fun, though. And it ended with everyone remaining friends. I'm sure you know that any band that ends with everyone still talking is a good experience!

      2. tonyola Avatar

        Yeah, I know Speed Racer, Scooby Doo, and Space Ghost are supposed to be nerd-cool to geekoids. But so were video games, C++ programming, and Dungeons & Dragons. Go outside and play, kiddies. If "soul" is defined as enjoying Speed Racer, then I'm better off without. Now let me go back to playing the blues on sax and keys.

        1. Alff Avatar

          Dude, you're trashing my childhood. I've got little use for Scooby, Space Whatever, video games or programming but you can bet your ass the five year old me thought original Speed Racer was just about the coolest thing ever. That's an illusion I'll choose to believe forever.

        2. dculberson Avatar

          I'm right there with you on Speed Racer. I adore the visuals and some of the concepts are awesome, but the cartoon itself is lame. I have a "Go, Speed Racer, Go!" bumper sticker, but it's really because it looks cool and the phrase is awesome, not for any love of the cartoon itself.
          I enjoyed Scooby Doo as a kid, so it's hard for me to trash that one. Space Ghost may be awful, but Space Ghost Coast to Coast is so awesome that I can't hate it. "Enjoying" C++ is like enjoying database administration; it's a tool for a job. D&D is pure masochism.
          BUT!! Anyone that can't enjoy video games needs help. Even my family man Baptist diesel mechanic brother was helpless against the awesomeness that is a death-match multi-player networked game when he was over visiting one night. There's a game out there for everyone, even you, I promise. (should I be cackling right now?) Just pray for your productivity's sake that you don't find it.

          1. tonyola Avatar

            I might spend an hour or so on a game, but I find it a bit weird when people spend an entire weekend on some online multiplayer.

          2. dculberson Avatar

            Oh, I see. You're right about that, I enjoy getting out from behind the screen too much to do the whole-weekend-long thing.

  7. scroggzilla Avatar

    If Spritle and Chim-Chim WERE in the trunk, I'd back it into a tree post haste! I hated that damn cartoon!

  8. Tripl3fast Avatar

    Hell yeah! I can even do some high speed farm harvesting with that front end. No combine could keep up.

  9. nofrillls Avatar

    Yes, yes, that's very nice, but you see, we've already got one…

  10. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

    I'd think a C3 would work MUCH better for this application.

  11.  Avatar
  12. dculberson Avatar

    Dude, that's the most bizarre choice for an Ecto reproduction ever. Well, I guess it doesn't out-do the Subaru for inappropriateness, but still, a Dodge? No. Just no. At least the rest of them are based on the right car. It's like the other three for some reason let the dude in because they felt bad for him. Why do I get the feeling that Farva drives the Magnum? (Shenanigans!)
    (This coming from someone that had a Pontiac based Ecto copy. Well, at least it was an old car based ambulance.)