I bought a 2017 Jaguar F-Type R…and now I’m selling it. Here’s why!

Hey Hoons, Will here. For those who follow some of my car-buying ramblings on here or my Twitter posts (X is a stupid name, and I won’t use it), you’ll know I have a bit of a car problem. The problem is generally that I buy and sell too many cars. Not in the “flip cars for money” kind of way, though that’s happened a few times, more in the “break even and live to buy another day” sort of way. Last July, I bought a 2017 Jaguar F-Type R. It was a bit of an impulse purchase. I had had some life changes and was proud of how well I was budgeting my finances. So I decided to purchase a British sports car. As one does.

Now I’m selling it on CarsandBids.com, here’s the quick story.

First off, all Cars & Bids photos were done by Mason. He did amazing work on these photos, as well as the RS 6 review I did last spring!

My search for a “fun car” was lengthy, and my criteria were pretty broad. I was considering things like the Alfa Romeo 4C and a host of other interesting options. All I wanted was something that was fun to drive and felt special. I had a 2023 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara as my daily driver, and those who read my reviews know that, more often than not, I have yet another vehicle (press loaner) to drive for a week at a time. So I came across this amazing 2017 Jaguar F-Type R at an Infiniti dealer nearby. The specs are below, along with the original MSRP.

It was listed around $50,000 or so, which was fairly reasonable at the time for the year and mileage. It had a clean CarFax and no incidents, so I went to take a test drive. That was all she wrote, I came home with it that day. It sounds like few other cars on the road, from the ridiculous cold start noises to the amazing acceleration of the 550-horsepower supercharged V8. Mercifully it’s an AWD version, I hear the RWD versions were a bit…spicy.

Sixty mph arrives in 3.5 seconds, and the top speed is over 200 mph. While it doesn’t have the rarity to really be considered a “supercar”, it has the performance. It’s quite comfortable, too. I took a few longer drives in it, and the 14-way heated seats are great, as is the adjustable suspension.

Since July, I have only put just over 2,000 miles on it. I had one minor fender bender in over the summer. A cautious driver in a Volvo started to pull out into a no-merge area and changed his mind (as he had every right to do). I started to follow, and as I looked over my shoulder to check traffic, I didn’t notice he had stopped, so I bumped him. We pulled over, and he waived me off since his car didn’t even have a scratch. I hit his bumper pretty low, so I had some damage to my bumper, and the headlights were a little askew. Both were replaced at an amazing Euro-speciality shop nearby, the previously yellowing headlights replaced with an great (and expensive) set of projector beams.

Most of the time, it lives under a car cover in my garage, coming out occasionally for sheer entertainment, so it just doesn’t make sense to keep it. I already sold the Wrangler and may have just purchased something that combines the best of both vehicles – a new Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. Somehow it was a 2022 that still lived on the showroom floor. At $20,000 off sticker, it was a no-brainer to fly to Charlotte, NC, and drive it back to DC.

So, the Jaguar is heading up for auction. Cars & Bids was my first choice, as Jeff had a great experience with his Jaaaag in May last year. Also, Doug used to be my boss for a couple of years over at Autotrader dot com slash Oversteer so I was excited to work with them. So far the process has been super easy.

Am I nervous, of course! Hopefully, there will be some interested buyers though. The F-Type is seeing a surge in demand after the latest Grand Tour: Sand Job. Also, it’s simply just an amazing car, and the new buyer should be thrilled with it. Last week, I had a full paint correction and XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coat done, and it looks incredible.

Here is my Cars & Bids video and the link again, just in case. Stick around for the bloopers at the end. Doug makes it look easy.


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