Huge Classic Fiat Sale – 73 Fiats, only $250 each!

This isn’t Barrett-Jackson and sadly it won’t be televised. A Fiat repair shop in Colorado is selling off their accumulated “collection” and they gotta sell it now!

Lemons racers, Hooptie Con aficionados, automotive sadists, and other idiots – get your tow rigs ready!!

From the Aspen Import Auto Facebook page:

We are working to get the cars in the lot sold. Some have titles, some don’t, all are $250 each. If we don’t sell them they will likely have to be crushed, which would be a shame. Some on this list are already “under contract.”

PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE SHOP! We do not have the parking or staff to handle at this time!

Please DO NOT call regarding a car you want, send us an email at fiatrescueweb @ with the number, year, model and color you want and we will call you back. Numbers correspond to a map we have of the lot so we can tell you if the car is still available or if it has sold.

You will need to make towing arrangements for the car you are buying. They come AS IS, with whatever is in them!

“Spiders” are 124 unless otherwise marked.

Lot numbers
1. 75 Spider grey – signed release from California, unsigned title
2. 75 spider red – open title
3. 75 coupe blue – unsigned title
4. 850 spider green – can’t find vin
5. 77 X 1/9 Orange – signed title
6. 77 128 3P orange – unknown
7. 70 spider yellow – unknown
8. 71 spider blue – open title
9. 78 spider blue – unknown
10. 88 yugo blue – Titled
11. 79 spider red – open title
12. 75 spider RACE CAR – checking
13. 80 spider white – bill of sale only
14. ?? spider white – unknown
15. ?? spider black – unknown
16. 71 spider orange – open title
17. ?? 131 4 dr yellow – unknown
18. 850 spider red – unknown
19. 75 X 1/9 yellow – unsigned title
20. 80 spider grey – unknown
21. 7? Lancia scorpion gold – contacting owner
22. 22 80 spider blue – unknown
23. ? yugo blue – bill of sale only
24. 78 spider white – unknown
25. 76 128 wagon green – signed title
26. 86 subaru XT 6 turbo silver – titled
27. ?? spider blue – unknown
28. ?? spider burgundy – unknown
29. 80 spider – open title
30. 76 131 wagon yellow – Titled
31. 75 X 1/9 black – Bill of sale only
32. 81 X 1/9 gold – signed title
33. ?? Xt 6 black – unknown
34. ?? Lancia scorpion – NOT AVAILABLE
35. 79 Brava white – Bill of sale only
36. 77 X 1/9 orange – Bill of sale only
37. 79 spider silver – unknown
38. 78 131 4 dr white – unknown
39. 85 X 1/9 – NOT AVAILABLE
40. 82 spider red – unknown
41. 78 spider burgundy – unknown
42. ?? X 1/9 – NOT AVILABLE
43. 70 850 spider red – no title
44. 70 850 coupe yellow – open title
45. ?? spider green – NOT AVAILABLE
46. 72 124 coupe white – NOT AVAILABLE
47. 73 spider brown – open title
48. 79 X 1/9 orange – signed title, car is cut in half
49. 70 spider blue – no title
50. ?? spider blue – no title
51. 78 spider red – open title
52. 77 brava orange – no title
53. 73 850 spider blue – no title
54. ?? brava wagon blue – Looking for title
55. 73 850 spider brown – open title
56. 75 spider grey
57. 90 Alfa beta – contacting owner
58. 79 spider red –
59. 78 128 rally yellow – Titled to Tom
60. 71 850 spider – signed title
61. 74 X 1/9 green – open title
62. 80 spider red – open title
63. 75 X 1/9 black – NOT AVAILABLE
64. 81 spider brown – no title
65. 75 spider red – no title
66. 75 spider red – no title
67. ?? spider red – no title, looking
68. 78 spider red – NOT AVAILABLE
69. 75 Lancia scorpion grey – NOT AVAILABLE
70. 75 Simca grey – no title
71. 75 Lancia scorpion grey – contacting owner
72. 75 Lancia scorpion grey – contacting owner
73. 81 Brava blue 4 dr- unknown

Yeah, there’s a lovely Subaru or two in there, too. Don’t worry about it, just grab it!

All car obviously in premium Fiat condition and all ran when parked. There is plenty of patina and absolutely no rust. There are some minor issues:

  • One X 1/9 (#48 above) is cut in half
  • Many don’t have titles
  • One is titled to Tom
  • Not all are Fiats, some are better – Alfas and Lancias!
  • There’s a gawddamn Simca, too!! When was the last time you saw a Simca!?
  • Yogos, hell yeah they got them Yugos!

Don’t let any of this discourage you! This is an opportunity of a lifetime for that certain special someone! Buy all the Spiders and 24 Hours of Lemons will surely make a class just for them!

Go here for all the photos! Here are the details on the sale. And get your ass to Colorado!

Perfect family vehicle. 11/10, would road trip with kids in this right now!

All cars are in perfect-ish condition, perfectly preserved, and ready for new Fiat aficionados to enjoy!

Just think of all the passion, history, and driving excitement. And solid Italian engineering and build quality, guaranteed to keep you happy and your bank account empty for years! Just don’t forget to renew your AAA membership, services of which you will undoubtedly need.

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11 responses to “Huge Classic Fiat Sale – 73 Fiats, only $250 each!”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    Talk about mixed feelings. That’s a huge bag of never started or even finished projects, sad for them to let all these cars go. On the other hand, someone might actually find what they need at a really silly price here…very cool!

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    Talk about mixed feelings. That’s a huge bag of never started or even finished projects, sad for them to let all these cars go. On the other hand, someone might actually find what they need at a really silly price here…very cool!

  3. Batshitbox Avatar

    My pal used to say, “I have 73 Dodge Colts. Three of ’em!”

    Only a couple of these cars are pre-SMOG, I notice. Not good. Maybe the rust will add lightness and they could be good LeMons cars.

    1. Michael Stoops Avatar
      Michael Stoops

      My first car was a ’74 Dodge Colt GT. Bought it used from the original owner, my older sister! Never once let me down, and I ran almost 200,000 miles on the thing before giving it to my girlfriend’s little brother. I’d love to find another….. for some weird reason!!

  4. mdharrell Avatar

    “Buy all the Spiders and 24 Hours of Lemons will surely make a class just for them!”

    This collection inspired much discussion over the weekend at the Pacific Northworst race, including, naturally, the idea of the creation of a Spec Fiat class. I think Nick is about halfway persuaded at this point.

  5. Michael Stoops Avatar
    Michael Stoops

    Oh man, if that silver Lancia in the first pic was a pre-smog car I’d be all over it. Would look great (or at least decent for now) alongside my near perfect ’74 Alfa Spider Veloce.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      I wonder if that is no. 57 – 90 Alfa beta?

      I also wonder about the story behind the sudden sell-off, especially with comments like “contacting owner”

      1. 0A5599 Avatar

        Looks like the guy who owned the shop died. There are probably a few cars there brought in by customers who deemed the cars not worth the repair estimate; they might technically have the title even if the car might be eligible for a storage lien.

        There’s a GoFundMe.

        1. outback_ute Avatar

          That was definitely a possibility that crossed my mind, unfortunately.

  6. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    I feel somewhat disrespectful to say so, but I’d make a beeline for that Subaru

  7. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    So, did any of you pick up one of these?