How Hooniverse Broke the Story on the 2013 SRT Viper

Back in February Hooniverse was the first source to show you images of the Hot Wheels 2013 SRT Viper which we found on another website. It was such a big story that at least two major automotive sites used us a source of it. Then a well-known professional journalist, and a friend of Hooniverse, suggested that we “own” this story by reaching out to anyone and everyone at Chrysler to get more info on the car and/or confirm the rumors and post a follow-up story. I guess that’s how the big guys do it.

Because everyone we called at Chrysler laughed at us and our questions about Viper, we hired a professional artist who drew rendered the production 2013 SRT Viper on a piece of napkin based on the Hot Wheels model and other spy shots we randomly found on the internet gathered. We then contacted our resident engineer who added important technical details to our drawing and we presented everything to you hoons well in advance of any other news source out there.

Everything would have been great if not for the fact that we were completely fucking wrong about every single thing. 

We all make mistakes. Allow us to fix that and provide you with some EXCLUSIVE Viper images from a special Viper party which only the former hoon, Blake Rong, and I attended. And only 700 other people who also attended.

It’s almost hilarious but even the damn picture of the Hot Wheels car did not look like the actual Hot Wheels car. Furthermore, some Viper specs for ya:

  • There is no direct-injection. There is port-injection, just like before.
  • There is no DOHC. There is OHV, just like before.
  • The seats are Sabelt, not Recaro.
  • The radio is not from a Jeep Grand Cherokee (but it maybe from the Chrysler 300).
  • The taillights are not from the original Viper. They’re all new, LED.
  • The door handle is not where we thought it would be. We actually don’t know where the door handle is.
  • Side exhausts! A-ha, we got one right!
  • Wheels are 18″ by 10.5″ in the front and 19″ by 13″ in the rear. No dubs.
  • There are no stripes. That we did not expect.
  • There sort of is a bubble-top roof. We get partial credit.
  • We were right about the headlights, but that’s mostly because Chrysler made no secrets about them.

And this is why, dear hoons, we won’t speculate about cars anymore. And that is why no one without insider information else should either. Except maybe we’ll speculate over the next generation Corvette, as our artist and engineer are already working on that. And we bribed a guy a Hot Wheels.

It was almost impossible to get a decent shot of the Viper at NYIAS but I did manage to get this video of it moving and even have engine sound recorded… which my mic did not pick up very well. Professionals we are not, but that’s why the Autoblogniks of the world exist. We’re here to have drama-free fun, even if it means being completely wrong or irrelevant… it’s our passion. Cars are our passion… not being wrong. Or irrelevant.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Original LeMans Viper
New Viper racer
Original Viper concept
Concept interior
what former hoon and current sell-out Blake Rong thinks about the interior of the new Viper


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