Hooniversity Master Class: Sir Stirling Moss

The 1959 Cooper Climax.
There are certain people who, when you see them in their element, just astonish you with their abilities. The true gods of racing are perfect examples. Watching Sir Stirling give us a tour of Donington Park in the 1959 Cooper Climax Formula One car makes a viewer realize what the difference is between a great driver, and a driving legend. He is so smooth, so natural and so relaxed in the seat of this classic racer that it’s easy to understand why he became the icon he is. This video is from the original Top Gear series from back in 1986, so there’s remarkably few explosions and almost no powerslides at all. And yet, somehow, against all odds, it’s absolutely captivating. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXVReKCrEw0[/youtube] A heartfelt thank to the Remarkable Mr. Scroggs for tipping us off to this stunning bit of film.

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