Hooniverse Weekend Edition: What's A Hoon To Do?

On my way back to the Taj Mahal after seeing that Austin Gipsy get some new brake shoes installed, I was cruising down Riverside Avenue here in the Birthplace of Speed and spotted its newer, and sketchily related, cousin.

That’s correct my fellow Hoons, a Jensen Healey. A pre-rubber baby bumper 1973 edition. And it’s for sale. Be still my heart.

I knew the Jensen Interceptor and Jensen FF came equipped with MOPAR engines, I figured this one would also.

But everybody’s friend, Wikipedia, tells us:
“Many engines were tried out in the prototype stage including Vauxhall, Ford and BMW units. The Vauxhall 2.3 L engine met United States emission requirements but did not meet the power target of 130 hp (97 kW). A German Ford V6 was considered but industrial action crippled supply. BMW could not supply an engine in the volumes needed so Jensen looked to Lotus who had a new, untested engine available. Thus all Jensen-Healey models came equipped with the then-new 1973 cc Lotus 907 engine, a two litre, dual overhead cam, 16 valve all-alloy powerplant. This setup puts out approximately 144 bhp (107 kW), topping out at 119 mph (192 km/h) and accelerating from zero to 60 mph in 8.7 seconds.

Those vehicles exported to the United States had dual side-draft single throat Zenith Strombergs in order to meet emissions requirements. The oil cooler was absent in the earliest models.

The initial transmission was a four speed Chrysler unit sourced from the Sunbeam Rapier.”

I apologize for the lack of images of the engine bay but trust this olelongrooffan my fellow Hoons, it wasn’t for lack of trying to find that evasive hood release latch.

This oleragtop has the correct Jensen badged wheels but the logos on the center caps have come up missing with time although both are present on the driver’s side.

I personally like the lines of this beauty and it even has that cool luggage rack on the rear decklid.

As an aside, during the time I owned my three E30 ragtops, every junkyard this olelongrooffan visited was scoured for one of these racks for their rear deck. Alas, to no avail.

Now, my fellow Hoons, let there be no confusion. This Jensen shows every bit of its 91,000 miles and has the bumps and bruises to prove it.

And while the interior possesses the optional walnut burl trim on the dash as well as the optional clock, Hey Scooby Doo!

the driver’s compartment certainly will need some dressing up.

Overall, despite the Lotus engine, total lack of limited availability (thanks man) of replacement body parts and the cosmetic issues, this olelongrooffan really likes this oleragtop. Now if I can just talk thejeepjunkie into letting me get it. And then the four grand for the asking price. That’s it for now Hoons, this olelongrooffan is off to the Bud ShootOut for some good ole redneck racing action.

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