Hooniverse Weekend Edition: The I Can't F'ing Believe It Edition

So this olelongrooffan was sitting around my condo this morning when I received a call from the Hoon responsible for the repair of my daily driver laptop letting me know it was all tuned up. Well I swung by the Ormond Garage and traded his tiny ass netbook for my big screen laptop. So, as I sat in the parking lot in my Comanche trying to figure out what I was going to do on this Chamber of Commerce weather kind of day, I remembered that a while back I had tried to visit that sports memorabilia shop down on Beach Street. If my fellow Hoons remember, I failed miserably in that attempt and thought I would give it another shot. So I set off.

As I got down to Beach Street, I noticed that it was barricaded off with limited vehicular traffic. Oh Great, Another Fucking Art Show.

Well, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan was correct.

But it was art that I absolutely love to see.

Not a whole lot of text here as I am going to be quite busy over the next several hours

sorting out the over 500 images I shot today at this inaugural show.

There was absolutely everything a whole damn bunch of cool as shit cars, bikes, Jeeps, and brand new exotics at this show! Hell, a couple tractors, yes tractors, decided to show up.

At one point this olelongrooffan had to just sit down and take a moment to get my shit together! It was unexpected sensory overload at the pleasure this unexpected show was providing.

Even though I had seen a few of the vehicles in attendance previously, without a doubt, it was overwhelming. I was trying to figure out how an event with over 1,000 vehicles in my hometown was not on my radar.

There was something for everyone from the guy asking $2,800 for his ’63 Falson 2 door post to the guy asking $216,000 for his brand new Aston Martin Rapide! And everything in between. And the bulk of it Not For Sale.

Yeah, I am going to be busy sorting my images but know, as much as this olelongrooffan is aware that my fellow Hoons aren’t all that into car shows, this one was one to remember.

Hell, even Grandma and Grandpa brought their buggies out!

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  1. Lotte Avatar

    I can't help but think the Ariel Atom could've saved some more extra weight if the Union Jack was a sticker.
    Can't wait for the rest of the photos; I'm hoping for a Mopar b-body if there was one ^^

  2. facelvega Avatar

    Do people here not like classic car shows? I imagine a lot of us go to them pretty regularly. We do mostly seem to prefer classic car races, though.

  3. Jim-Bob Avatar

    Please let there be a Geo Metro….Please let there be a Geo Metro…

  4. RWB Avatar

    So we're gettin' a big ol' gallery later, right?
    Looks like a good show, almost makes me miss Florida. Almost.