Hooniverse Weekend Edition: On Your Mark, Get Set, Wait A Minute

So this olelongrooffan was checking out the back lot of the place where I am, finally, gainfully employed and I spotted this curvaceous beauty and thought I might share it with my fellow Hoons. Kind of a V.I.S.I.T. post but in the parking lot.

thejeepjunkie’s shop usually has some pretty cool vehicles in it so he and his team can work their wonders. This 1969 Continental Mark III belonged to an older widow woman who had kept it around long after her personal luxury car owning husband had passed along.

It was, at one time, a very prestigious automobile and gave its rival, the Cadillac Eldorado, a run for the money for model year 1969. This speciman appears to have been constructed prior to the second week of December, 1968 given its white speedometer indicator needle.

Unfortunately, it has not aged well. Despite showing only 76,000 miles, it had parts of its inerds popping out of the door panels like errant spaghetti at an Italian dining room table.

Its closing eyebrows are now permanently propped in the open position severely detracting from the gorgeous face of this beauty.

And on the passenger’s side, this olelongrooffan spotted yet another use for duct tape.

From this angle, this Mark III looks pretty nice, if you are able to keep your eyes focused above the lower rocker panel. BTW, to the right in this image is a 2010 Honda Fit with 138,000 miles on it!

Despite the mass of this luxobarge, it still appears the factory workers at the Wixom, Michigan assembly plant shoehorned the enormous, and new at the time, 460 into the engine compartment.

This Continental Mark III also possesses the optional automatic headlight dimmer mounted on the driver’s side cowl.

Ultimately, thejeepjunkie recommended to that widow she accept the $800 offer from a dude up in Jacksonville and keep her Panther based Town Car as her daily driver.

But I do have this to say about that. While this old beauty is desirable, this FB Brown Car Appreciation Society member likes the curves on the one I spotted a couple years ago a whole lot better.

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