Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Let's Go Racing

As I sit here in the living room of my beachside (not beachfront mind you) condo, three miles as the seagull flies from the Daytona International Speedway, I can hear the sound of the cars from the Richard Petty Experience taking some touristas on a few laps out there and I figured, What the Hell? Let’s go racing.

Yesterday this olelongrooffan stumbled upon a totally unexpected car show with an equally unexpected variety of participants, especially for a first time show. I mean to tell you, it was huge. Anyway, since I can hear those former race cars as I am writing this, this I figured that was my segue into this post.

There were some pretty awesome race cars out there such as this Sunoco sponsored Porsche.

It’s pretty cool the way the gauges are slanted so the driver can see the vertical indicator at the red line limit.

I’m not sure if it is considered a wide body but

it sure has some beautiful curves.

This McLaren? This is just a tease, this olelongrooffan is saving this one for later! Hey, what are those in the background?

Several Daytona Prototypes from the Grand-American Series were in attendance

and my favorite one from my favorite team was able to make the show.

Now this olelongrooffan had seen this #22 Ford a couple years ago at the Living Legends of Motorsports show down on The World’s Most Famous Beach. I mainly captured this because my buddy TheKenMan’s last name is Young but man is he old.

Even a few NASCAR racers made it down to Beach Street to join in the festivities. And that glimpse of the Cuda in the above image. It is the Hemicuda I spotted at the MOPAR show and posted in one of my early offerings here in the Hooniverse. Both of the Cudas featured in that post were in attendance at this show.

And those of my fellow Hoons who choose to read my “pseudo folksy” offerings will recognize this Caymen, similar to the one driven by Hurley Haywood in this year’s Rolex24 that I captured in my Transporter Truck Thursday post back in January.

Now, by and large, this olelongrooffan is not a huge fan of replicars. I mean there were only a certain number of Shelby Cobra’s built and they are the cool ones. Fiberglass replicas don’t really get it for me.

However, having said that, this Daytona Coupe is absolutely to die for.

How this modern day constructed automobile was able to obtain an antique license plate is beyond me.

Although I didn’t see a roll bar on the interior of it, its exterior badging compelled me to include in the race car section of this show.

And the possession of that Roush Racing engine just seals the deal in my book.

There were also a couple racing Ford GT’s in attendance. This one in Gulf racing livery (hey what’s that orange thing in the background?) and

this one bearing the number of the original GT from back in the day.

Although I didn’t look to hard for the trailers I am sure many of these cars had to arrive on, I was to dumbfounded over the show, I did capture this one parked on the bridge from the mainland to City Island.
That does it for the racing section of the show, with the McLaren held in reserve. Hope my fellow Hoons enjoyed this portion of my offerings.
Ironically, the sounds of the cars from the Richard Petty Experience have stopped for the moment so I guess it’s bye bye for now!

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  1. Maxichamp Avatar

    If anyone has done a Richard Petty Experience ride-along, please share your experience. Thanks!

  2. JoeyM Avatar

    > "(hey what’s that orange thing in the background?"
    Probably a Lotus 2-eleven
    <img src=http://image.motortrend.com/f/roadtests/convertibles/9499366+pheader/112_0705_02l+lotus_2_eleven+front_three_quarter_view.jpg>
    <a href="http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/convertibles/112_0705_lotus_2_eleven/index.html” target=”_blank”>http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/convertibles/112_0705_lotus_2_eleven/index.html

  3. $kaycog Avatar

    Lovely Heritage Livery Ford GT! The orange wheels are a bit much for me though.

  4. dwegmull Avatar

    Do you have close up pictures of the farm tractors seen in the background of the Mc Laren picture?