Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Last Call: The Fly Over Edition

My nephew, the Kid, now 18, captured this image several years ago at some race we were attending out at the Daytona International Speedway.
The pre-race fly over is one of the most inspiring aspects of a race and I thought this image captured that inspiration perfectly.
img src=James Lee

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  1. alewifecove Avatar

    I am still trying to understand why they do these? What does it signify? How are jet fighters or bombers related to auto racing?

    1. skitter Avatar

      Fast, Loud, and Cool Technology fits well within the tastes of race fans.

      1. jeepjunkie Avatar

        and they are cool as hell when they scream overhead at 200 feet……
        if seeing them and then ten seconds later hearing them doesn't get your blood running, then it's time for an autopsy…

  2. smokyburnout Avatar

    Some comedian had a joke about NASCAR fans thinking the national anthem ends with "Gentlemen, start your engines." Not true.
    The national anthem ends with the roar of jet engines overhead.

    1. jjd241 Avatar

      I was at a minor league hockey game a few years ago getting some beer before the game started. When the US anthem came on, the servers stopped pouring and just stood there (it was a rule). The opponents were from Canadialand. When "Oh Canadialand" came on, they looked quizzically at each other and said "what the hell…" and started pouring!