Hooniverse Weekend Edition: In The Lot At The BFE 24 Hours Of LeMons

After watching King Jay and Judge Phil harrass instruct a participant, this olelongrooffan

returned to my workstation for the day and popped a few images of what I saw in the lot.

Gotta go for now, a bunch of cars just came into the Penalty Pavillion. More Later.

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6 responses to “Hooniverse Weekend Edition: In The Lot At The BFE 24 Hours Of LeMons”

  1. craigsu Avatar

    Certainly seems to be a well-heeled bunch of ruffians present for the shenanigans.

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      All in all you are correct…motorsport racing is not a poor man's or woman's sport regardless of the $500 limit. And your statement is true with the exception of that Hoon piloting that new wave two tone Westie, affectionately named Filmore, not from the CARS movie but the fact my buddy, the owner, bought it from Filmore!

  2. $kaycog Avatar

    *waves to Murilee*

    1. brazilreporter Avatar

      Brazilreporter wants more DOTS and PCH (with it's Graverobber tirades)

  3. Ian Avatar

    Can't wait to come out tomorrow for the mid day festivities and the checkered flag! I'll be shamelessly wearing my own product and will have some to sell http://gearheadshirts.com