Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Howdy!

Editors Note: This weekend, Hooniverse will be running a series of posts introducing you to some of the new writers who are now in our part of the Hooniverse. Please meet Scott by way of his Chevy, and let him know how much you appreciate his contributions.

That’s me in the photo.  I was born in Detroit, but I grew up in Wichita, Kansas.  I lived there until 2005, when I moved west to Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was a bit of a wreck when I finally left Kansas – I hadn’t taken care of myself, I was unhealthy and generally run-down.  Since then, I have turned a corner in life.  Click through for more about me, my turnaround, and my new life.  

What happened, really, was that I hadn’t really been in a good relationship for quite a while back in Kansas.  My last one had sort of faded out as we both grew older.  Call it changing interests, call it life…who knows.  I found myself alone and left out in the cold.  So, I let myself go.  But then something happened, I met someone special over the internet.  He lived in Utah, but he saw something in me that nobody else had…potential.  One day, he showed up at my door and took me home.  

But it wasn’t easy leaving Kansas.  I am a little ashamed to admit I broke down several times before I was even out of the state, but he was patient, and helped me through.  I persevered through that trip – probably the toughest one of my life.  My reward?  A whole new lease on life.  I got myself back into shape, I started caring about my appearance again, and I even got a new rack.  Most importantly though, I had a new relationship.  His name is Scott.

Scott loves spending time with me.  He fixed me up when I was run down, he gave me new threads, and made me feel good about myself again.  We have been on several road trips, one of them along Highway 1 in California all the way From L.A. to the Golden Gate Bridge.

But every story has a twist, and this one is no different.  What I didn’t know on the way back to Utah (though maybe I should have) is that Scott is a polygamist.  It took some time to get used to the idea, but since I was such a project when we first met, I grew to appreciate the fact that I split time with his other ladies.  Currently, there are five of us.  His first lady is estranged, she doesn’t live with us, but he still talks about her and says “someday” a lot.  She looks a lot like me.  His second, a Japanese lady, is the one he spends the most time with.  He takes her to work most every day.  She’s not too interesting, but she is young and reliable.  I am the third.  The fourth was a bit of a shock…a midget?  I suppose it takes all kinds.  Finally, the newest member of the family – another Japanese lady…but a bit older.  Nobody seems to like her.  I suppose she looks like a someone from his past.  

In the short time I have lived here, there have been maybe a dozen others that have passed through our house, but this lifestyle must just not be for them, because they only stay a while, then move along.  One of the recent ones – Marleen or something – I thought she would stick, but she was a Rambler.  For those of us who stay, Scott has plenty of love to go around, and we give it right back.  






You can read more of Scott’s postings by clicking here.

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