Hooniverse Weekend Edition: How About Some Old Stuff Too?

This olelongrooffan hopes my fellow Hoons are having an enjoyable Easter weekend. I am enjoying only my second day off work since the 1st of March and had an enjoyable day on The World’s Most Famous Beach enjoying a bit of solitude as my job involves alot of interaction with our fellow humans. It’s okay, at least I’m not crying after getting the treatment this ole street rod is getting from that canine above. I thought since we have had an influx of new car images from our Overlords from the NYIAS, my fellow Hoons might enjoy some images of the old crap I captured last weekend. Not tons of text here but this is the engine compartment of that street rod which, incidentally, is the same shade of green as an upcoming Truck Thursday post of mine. And who among my fellow Hoons would turn away this 56 Bel Air post wagon? Certainly not me. Or a simulated wood clad Ranchero with a front porch you could throw a party on? Not good enough? How about a slammed 72 crew cab one ton? And, of course, the always welcome Fierroari. Not redneck enough for my fellow Hoons? How do these trip your trigger? Nothing to add here. But parked within 50 feet of those beasts were these. And just down the road a bit. And this olelongrooffan remembers living in the state capitol of the Sunshine state many moons ago and these were the cop cars of choice, when new. But, as always, the best image I could capture was at the end of the show using my old Indian Comanche to tow thejeepjunkie’s always attention gathering CJ2A back to the Birthplace of Speed. That 2A brought a bunch of sightseers into my booth and I sold a couple trailers because of its attention gathering ability. Yeah it’ll be back for the fall Turkey Rod Run. Anyway, just a bit of Easter Sunday ramblings for your Hoon viewing pleasure. Enjoy the holiday and keep on Hooning. ORLF

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