Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Hey Is The Hooniverse Still Open?

Well my fellow Hoons, the Head Hoonitender hollered Last Call a bit early this evening just as this olelongrooffan was getting my groove on. However a whiles back the Hooniverse Overlords were a bit lax and gave me a key to the kegbox so I’m offering a free posting to all.

As a result, I am calling this the first posting of the Hooniverse Weekend Edition. There ain’t alot of text but a slammed and bagged truck load of images for your Hooning pleasure. Just don’t tell the Hooniverse Overlords this olelongrooffan snuck this one in.

This weekend is the Spring Rod Run down here in the World Center of Racing and literally tons of cool old shit shows up for the event.

I have seen several of these before, including the slammed truck shown in the previous images but it is still a damn cool machine even though not to my particular taste.

Just take a gander at the vehicles in the above image.

Check out the ass end of that street rod in the above image.

Here is the front end of it.

I saw a Cyclone Woody Squire of this vintage a few years ago for $1,200.00. I drove by and fifteen minutes later went back and it was sold. Yeah, this olelongrooffan is a dumbass.

I gathered up this image just to show my fellow Hoons the variety of stuff gathered together here for my enjoyment.

Yeah, a TR7 with a Bowtie transplanted. Can it get any more Hoonworthy that this?

And a classic Fleetwood just to jog all my fellow Hoons memories. At least it is not baby blue and a limo.

And at last, a longroof.

and, of course, a replicacar Corvette.

Now, this olelongrooffan must boast, I recognized this Bantam as a Bantam long before seeing any badging on it. Yeah, I know, I am a car nerd. At least I admit it. But that hood ornament didn’t leave the factory on that car.

Spotted this a the BP station on the way home and yes, that is a Bowtie on the front. Scared to know the history of this one.

Should be a fun weekend here and this olelongrooffan will try and get some stuff in around Mr. Brennan’s always fun Weekend Edition postings.

BTW, this weekend this olelongrooffan is sporting a 1984 Cutlass Supreme Brougham just for fun.

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