Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Across The Street At Art's Place

So earlier this olelongrooffan mentioned my boss and I are taking a cross country, well up and down country, trek to Jim Nabor’s home state to pick up a rather pricey trailer. I was successful in talking him into stopping at the National Corvette Museum and next door we got to check out Art’s Place.

A rather foresighted entrepreneur decided to open a collector car’s sales location across the street and does a rather brisk business. After leaving all things Corvette we decided to stop in and check out the Elke’s and the Screaming Eagles that were lurking around.

Sure there were a few Corvettes hanging around but it was things like this sweet Pontiac Parisienne (is it a bubble top?)that this olelongrooffan and even my boss, found to be rather cool and interesting. These Canadian “Bonnevilles” sold well back in the day and I spotted a 63 convertible version several years ago at the Beach 16, an auto show I stumbled upon down on the Space Coast.

Although this image is a bit fuzzy, get the Cushmans, the Camaro cop car and the vintage old Ford Chevrolet parked next to each other.

Art’s Place ran long on vintage old hardops including this full sized Ford, 61 or 62 I’m pretty sure. In the background note the full size Chevy of a bit later vintage and the first gen Firebird to the left.

Over by the glass exterior wall was this mid years Barracuda sporting the Valiant sheet metal and the wrap around rear glass.

And a vintage 34 Ford pickup, just for fun.

And next to that classic 57 Chevy ragtop was this beautiful first gen Camaro that my boss positively lusted after.

Yeah Hoons, this olelongrooffan has a great idea. Find a bunch of fanatics of a particular breed of automobile, talk them into building a world famous museum and then, just across the street, build a sales facility to draw off that crowd.

Just not Ferraris though.

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