Hooniverse Two Wheel Tuesday: Quasi Modern Show Bikes

While I was at the Art of the Automobile Lifestyle this past weekend, I did spot several motorcycles that I thought I would share with my fellow Hoons this Hooniverse Two Wheel Tuesday. As I don’t know much about bikes, I will leave their description up to my fellow two wheel Hoons.

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  1. crinklesmith Avatar

    I'll give it a shot off the top of my head.
    The last one is a later model CBX w/ a rather attractive bikini faring instead of the 80's-tastic stock piece. The green thing is just ludicrously awesome, must be a handful to get that thing around a corner.
    Then there are two Triumphs, the blue "aero" styled one up top is really neat, never seen one before, and the second to last red one, which the owner couldn't decide between faired cafe seat or stock fender, so he left both on.
    Then a pair of Indians one is a stock Chieftain, and the other a modified Scout?
    Then the Cushman scooter, and a Norton Commando, early model, with sort of a flat-track/chopper thing going. Weird seat.
    Corrections are welcome.

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      The CBX is equipped with the OE fairing off the CB1100F, a one-year model from 1983.
      <img src="http://www.tomgraycollection.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/gallery-pic.jpg&quot; width="500">
      More pretty pictures: tomgraycollection.com

    2. Slow Joe Crow Avatar
      Slow Joe Crow

      The blue Triumph at the top is an early unit twin from the late 1950s with the original skirt style rear fender. If the tag on the front is accurate (minor facepalm for not seeing that sooner) it is a 1958 3TA which makes it a 350cc and the little brother of the 5TA Speed Twin.

    3. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      Triumph 3TA "Twenty-One" (1958 – it says so on the number plate)
      Cushman Eagle….I'm guessing 1958?
      Norton Commando 750 S – I believe these were made only in '69 and early '70
      No clue on the #81 racer — not an Indian guy at all.
      200? "Ipecac Syrup"
      Oil-in-frame TR7 Tiger, 1973-74, (assuming it's not a "bitsa.")
      Honda CBX, 1982-83

  2. CptSevere Avatar

    Yeah, that's an early Norton Commando, and I want it, badly. Gorgeous bike. I think it has an 18 inch rear wheel rather than the 19 inch wheel that mine had. Very nice motorcycle. Yeah, that V twin whatever is a monstrosity. The Indian, although it's tricked out, looks like like a late thirties Scout racer. A guy I work with has a '36 Scout bobber, I've posted several pictures of it on my Faceplant thingy. This nice little hotrod resembles his bike, especially the engine. I may be wrong, however, as the girder front end looks more like a Chief set of forks. Hell, what do I know, it may well be a chopped '52 Chief. Indians (real, Springfield, Mass. Indians) haven't been made since 1953, and there really aren't too many people around anymore who can tell you much about these rare birds.