Hooniverse Two Wheel Tuesday: A Few Bikes From The Show Edition

This past weekend this olelongrooffan attended the Art of The Automobile car show down here in the World Center of Racing. There were a bunch of vintage old motorcycles and I thought my fellow Hoons would enjoy the sight of them.

As I am not that much of a bike aficionado, I’m going to let the Hooniverse commentors chime in on just what these bikes are and what their significance is.

I would suspect these might be rather rare as most of the stuff in this show was pretty cool and very much on the rare side.

All of these bikes were grouped together and all of the owners of them seemed to be gathered in one spot in the shade trading all sorts of tales.

The one in the forefront of the above image is a Jawa and it seems I remember Tanshanomi making a comment or two about these sometime in the past here in the Hooniverse. The bike in the background? Be patient my fellow Hoons, be patient.

All of these bikes were gathered around this body of water and it was very peaceful.

I even captured an image of a duck floating around enjoying some chips a kid was tossing out to it.

There were quite a few bikes I just caught from a distance and they all seemed to be pretty sweet.

And all of them gathered up lots of attention from my fellow show attendees.

img src= this olelongrooffan
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