Hooniverse Truck Thursday: The Twofer Edition

Now my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan knows this is Truck Thursday and no, this is not an Alfa Romeo truck we are looking at here. It’s also not a truck. I can hear my fellow Hoons screaming from around the world, “WTF ORLF?” Make the jump to figure it out.

Yes my fellow Hoons, this is an Alfa Romeo Giulletta Sprint Speciale with a body courtesy of Berton. Bertone even included the washer fluid storage bag along the driver’s side foot well.  And it is gorgeous. What does this have to do with Hooniverse Truck Thursday? Scroll on down Hoons, scroll on down.

Yes, this gorgeous 1961 Speciale was parked on the rear of a wedge truck. No roll back is good enough for this beauty.

And that wasn’t just any old wedge truck. It is a vintage mid 50’s Ford C.O.E. That would be a Cab Over Engine for my uninformed Hoon friends. It was just a gorgeous as its cargo.

I know nothing about this coupe other than it is relatively rare. Yes I’ve been using that term alot this week but it’s true. Even my Rolex24 buddy could own this car as it has no backseat.

And that truck is sporting a V8 Power King with an oil bath air cleaner.

And while I was gathering up these images the owner came walking around with that rag in his hand.

I guess no matter how rare, beautiful, and expensive your exotic car is, birds still know how to spot them.

img src= this olelongrooffan
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