Hooniverse Truck Thursday: The Post-Apocalyptic Van Edition

I thought my fellow Hoons would like to see what our fellow Hoon, Muthalovin, calls “ultimate post-apocalyptic crepe van.” (Thanks Man!)
But you have to make the jump to see it.

That’s right, a 1974 Citroen H Van set up as a food truck. I. So. Do. Want.
Although the ebay listing has expired, you can still see it here.

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  1. dukeisduke Avatar

    From crap cars, to crepe vans. What a place this is.

  2. Joe Btfsplk Avatar
    Joe Btfsplk

    According to the eBay listing, this little sweetie didn't make reserve. I'm just guessing, but I assume that something just south of $30k will be needed to buy it. It's uber cool!

  3. muthalovin Avatar

    Hey, thats me!
    I am half tempted to check it out. It is right up the road.

  4. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    "You said 'crêpe' twice."
    "I like crêpes."

  5. Maxichamp Avatar

    There is a chain (of 2) of fast food gourmet French restaurants here in Berkeley/Oakland. With the roach coach craze, this van would be perfect for them.

  6. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    Huh. This is the first set of Citroen H-van photos I've seen that included people in/around it that gives a general sense of scale. They are a lot larger than I first thought, not so much like a shed glued on top of a C2V.
    Ok, now I REALLY want one.

  7. Atomz Avatar

    There is a white one set up like that in Downtown Helsinki as well.