Hooniverse Truck Thursday: The Longroof Edition

So a whiles back, this olelongrooffan was able to spot some pretty dang cool old trucks while I was out at the Daytona International Speedway. I’m fairly certain the above style COE has been seen by many of my fellow Hoons as they seem to be almost ubiquitous these days. I especially like car hauler variety.

There were quite a few others but all y’all need to make the jump for the sightings I saw that day.

A couple of these images have made their appearance here in the Hooniverse previously. I just had to include the one above as it contains, as commenter Salguod mentioned, “the trifecta of car-truck goodness.”

And this super clean 3100 was to die for. It was one of many clean old trucks that made the show.

Unlike the earlier COE, this old truck is a car hauler. Most of the time these are based on late model one ton chassis and are usually pretty desirable to this olelongrooffan. This one? Meh.

Now, ironically, this old truck is one I remember from my youth. We had the previous generation Dodge pickup as our farm truck. This body style debuted in 1973 and I was jonesing for my dad to get a new truck for the farm. He just laughed and mentioned I’d probably drive a new one totally off the bridge.

But the one truck I spotted that day that really struck my fancy and, of course, it is a longroof.

Most old panel trucks I see around these here parts have been either street rodded or rat rodded to hell. To find one that has had a frame off restoration is a real, and rare, treat for this olelongrooffan.

Every nut and bolt on this old truck has been replaced along with the wood bed in the back.

Every panel was shiny and straight and the fit and finish on this old truck was spot on fantastic.

Even the tool box behind the driver’s seat was in excellent condition.

The fuzzy dice hanging from the dash were the only modern concession on this longroof.

Well, aside from the Winter Park Concours D’Elegance ribbon hanging from the driver’s window.

That old V8 was immaculate and if I remember correctly, it had a glass bowl gas filter system.

Yeah, it is a clean old longroof and one that I would love to have in my livery.

Having said that, it is so nice I would be afraid to drive this buggy as I am certain I would just tear it up. Where is that olebeater panel truck I’ve been looking for anyway?

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