Hooniverse Truck Thursday: NotSoLilJim's Hooniworthy Truck

While this is not an official Hooniverse Asks, this olelongrooffan is gonna toss this out there in the Hooniverse. I believe Hoonage is hereditary. I mean, this is my niece and nephew standing in front of their Dad’s brand new 1986 Ford Centurian custom bodied F-350 back in the day. And guess what my NotSoLil nephew is hooning around these days?

[Ed. note] This post is long, full of great pictures, old stories, and overall awesomeness which I simply cannot describe. It simply is the best thing you will read all day. -KK

Providing a little background:

This olelongrooffan has previously shared the fact that all four of my brothers and my Dad are Hoons.

TheGentlemanFarmer, my Dad, owned, at one time or another, a Hillman Minx, two Volkswagen Microbuses simultaneously, a DS21 and, among others, a 63 Coupe deVille, Bahama Sand in color no less.

thehorsefarmer has had a few early 50’s era trucks as well as a pair of 66 Broncos, a minature Springfield wagon and TheBigAssTruck he hoons around St. Augustine these days.

thejeepjunkie has owned, at one time or another, an almost uncountable number of old CJ’s in his own right. And well,

this olelongrooffan would suspect my fellow Hoons will remember my olestationbus, my Comanche and, of course, “The Charles Barrett Special” Commando, my most recent acquisition.

My brother, Bus Plunge, has owned in excess of 150 four (and more) wheeled examples of Hoonage pleasure including every one of the vehicles seen in the above grouping of images.

If you grew up as a son of the Bus Plunge, would you end up as a Hoon?

Well my fellow Hoons, the esteemed Mr. Brennan, in another fantastic series of Weekend Edition posts, showed us a beat up example of a Dodge M880 military vehicle. That post reminded this olelongrooffan of something, as many of the UDMan’s posts do, and it is that my nephew, Bus Plunge’s grown son, NotSoLilJim, owns one of these, a working example and I thought you might enjoy checking it out and hearing its story.

Well, Hoons, it’s like this. A few years ago Bus Plunge and his son, NotSoLilJim, were in search of a Hoon worthy, inexpensive vehicle for NotSoLilJim to get, just for fun. Price was a sincere consideration for this then father of two growing, daily as it turns out, two young bucks. They knew a ricer was out of the question so the focus was on a truck or utility vehicle.

As since the boys, yes they have names–Trey and the jokester, were going to be involved in NotSoLilJim’s Hooning adventures, a large vehicle with a bench seat was preferable so they could all ride in comfort, well pseudo comfort that is.

And, of course it had to have a V-8, even if the Bus Plunge and NotSoLilJim added power steering after its acquisition.

Now a little about the pick. It turns out they found this M880 out near Miller, Missouri, a southwest Missouri town in the middle of tornado alley in which this olelongrooffan had attended several years of school while living on Haven Lee Farm, Halltown Edition.

Bus Plunge and NotSoLilJim took the Bus’s Astrovan, which he still loves to this day. “A utility van on a S10 chassis, what’s not to like?” Originally, Bus Plunge was going to grab this one to replace his M880 ambulance that he still asks the question about, “Why did I sell that car?”

As it turned out, it had been painted fire engine red after being passed down to a volunteer fire department from the Missouri National Guard. As such, Bus Plunge decided to pass on it but NotSoLilJim, realizing it fit every niche he had on his Hoonworthy list decided to pick it up.

It even has straps to fasten the youngsters in place. So NotSoLilJim grabbed this rouge mobile for a measly fifteen hundred bucks and drove the damn thing the 40 miles home. (BTW, with now four kids, that is NotSoLilJim’s red Burb seen through the windscreen of his Hoonmobile.)

Plus, for Hoon bonus points, he got a valid Missouri title for it, as was enthusiatically told to this olelongrooffan during the relating of the history of its acquisition. And while it doesn’t have the ultra low mileage of the one in UDMan’s post, after some 5 years of Hooning later, it only shows 27+K on the clock. And that 85 MPH maximum speed is sure a relief to NotSoLilJim as Trey approaches his 16th this year.

But this olelongrooffan is sure that the inclusion of these black out lights on the rear and

the front of this buggy

as well as the original levers to operate those lights will give both NotSoLilJim and LilMom some kind of headaches as Trey figures out how to use them to his advantage while sneaking out of the hacienda every evening possible.

Unless Trey’s little brother, the jokester, decides to crank that face removable CD player to the max prior to their leaving the street out in front of their homestead, waking both NotSoLilJim and grandpa Bus Plunge.

Hopefully, Trey will adher to the bold print across the dashboard instructing the operator to maintain a max speed. I would suspect the addition of power steering by his pop soon after its acquisition will allow that youngster to keep his girlie close at hand on that now out of vogue bench seat while turning that MOPAR steering wheel with one finger into the nearest group of woods for a little one on one action.

Meanwhile, she will be trying to ascertain the meaning of yet another military inspired acronym. And I’m not even going there Hoons.

But this olelongrooffan will say this about that. When NotSoLilJim acquired this buggy, it was painted the same shade of red as that M880 featured over the weekend and

he did a damn good job of rattle canning that truck into a nice looking, proud to be seen in Hoonmobile.

And those boys, Trey and the jokester down below and NotSoLilJim above, sure have grown alot in the past 5 years and I am confident we Hoons are looking at a whole nother generations of Hoons.

And for that this olelongrooffan is able to Celebrate Life. Hope you are able to also.

And as directed, in a shameful bout of self promotion, take a gander at By The Numbers when you have a moment.

Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Jim Lee/Bob Lee Sr./longrooffan

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