Hooniverse Truck Thursday – It's the Hofmeister Patrol

BMW. The Ultimate Hooning Machine.

How do you come up with a creation like this? My guess is you start out with a rallycross prepared 1987 BMW 325i and proceed to blow the engine. While searching for an useable replacement engine you come across a Nissan Patrol that’s had the bodywork rust through.

In a drunken haze you combine the two, managing to get both the shortened Nissan chassis and the BMW body to face in the same direction.

The end result is this BMW 333xd, consisting of a E30 body perched on the running gear of a Patrol. The magnificent bastard features a 3.3-litre naturally aspirated diesel, a Patrol mainstay; the seller says the BMW body has originally been prepared for rallycross and thus has caging to withstand a potential end-over-end.

Transmission is a 5-speed stick, the cartruck moves forwards and backwards on its own and neither section is really that rusty. However, there are no seats, batteries (in plural) are bad and the glow plugs “have gone to sh*t”, in addition to which you’ll have to pay extra for a good set of tires as the creation is now shod with some random worn-out slicks instead of the mismatched set seen here. There’s also some talk of a winch being thrown in, which might prove to be useful in case you actually chose to offroad this piece of work. Or if there’s ever a blizzard at the Nürburgring.

The best part? The asking price for this awesomeness (not including the aforementioned proper tires) is only 699 eur.

That’s beater 316i money.

Ad here (only partially in Finnish)

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