Hooniverse Truck Thursday: It's A Four Wheel Drive What?

Over the weekend, this olelongrooffan posted the above image as a Last Call and it received my usual minimal number of comments. It makes no difference to me, at least the Hooniverse Overlords aren’t yelling at me for posting about a 1974 Chevette as on another blog I used to contribute to. Anyway, in that Last Call post I commented my fellow Hoons would need to wait until today to see what vehicle to which it was affixed.

Well, it was on the passenger side firewall of this vintage old Ford convertible pickup truck. Now I can hear my fellow Hoons asking “What is so special about this old truck, ORLF?” I only ask my fellow Hoons to look closely at the front axle in the above image and check out that tumor on the passenger side of it.

Yes, that is a four wheel drive axle on that old red truck. It appears to be an aftermarket axle produced and installed by Jesse Livingood (what a name) back in the day. This olelongrooffan discovered this bit of minutia not on our friend Wiki but by a good old google search. This is what I found about them.

I am pretty sure this is a Model A truck similar to the one I spotted a few years ago. This one is the convertible version and was pretty sweet. The transfer case is in plain sight and that driveshaft looks as if it won’t stand a whole lot of torque. And that thing on top of the motor is indescribable by this olelongrooffan.

It did have a long exhaust style pipe along the driver’s side. This was the first time I had seen a 4WD of this vintage and I stuck around a moment or so to try and catch the owner but, look, there is mint Hudson Commodore over there.

And as always, feel free to check out some of the other silly stuff I post over on By The Numbers.

image src= this olelongrooffan
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