Hooniverse Truck Thursday: Got Milk?

While this olelongrooffan generally prefers vehicles to be bone as stock, I couldn’t help but capture these few images of this beautiful Divco to share with my fellow Hoons this Hooniverse Truck Thursday.

While I am not old enough to remember when these milk trucks were ubiquitous in every residential neighborhood,

I have seen a few around but none had received the tastefully done mods this one has.

It has old school V8 Ford hubcaps on those black steelies and those oversize shoes it is wearing suggest this muscle truck must have a substantial means of acceleration on the other end.

The interior is still a work in progress but all around, this olelongrooffan was pretty impressed with it.

And while there are other cool old milk trucks out there, it’s just not a Divco.

Yeah, just a quickie Hooniverse Truck Thursday post for this olelongrooffan before I head off to meet Manuel Labor. I almost wish I were in this Divco but my paid for ole Comanche works equally as well.

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One response to “Hooniverse Truck Thursday: Got Milk?”

  1. Bob Patterson Avatar
    Bob Patterson

    That’s mine. Divco13