Hooniverse Truck Thursday – For Sale: 1977 Woodgas Range Rover Vogue

A green choice, obviously.

As I sat down to write this post, our apartment as well as the entire block as far as I can see lost power. So, as I type this in candlelight, this Range Rover converted to woodgas seems somehow suitable. In a world where there would be no available electricity or oil, a Range that could run on firewood would make a great deal of sense. You see, one does have to maintain dignity in the face of challenging circumstances, and a 3.5-litre V8 definitely helps there.

It’s also for sale right now, so click for more photos.

The quality of the construction seems to be top-notch and well-welded. The piping hs been fitted respecting the square edges and surfaces of the original Spen King design, with the front.. radiator? echoing the shape of the grille behind it and the woodgas pipe running along the roof and A-pillar before diving under the hood. All in all, the stove reminds me of the acid-proof steel barrel we have at the summer cottage, for woodsmoking fish.

The pea soup green paint is now dull and has a couple of blotches, but has held on well otherwise. Most of the panels are aluminium, but it doesn’t look like the hood is. And since the frame is non-galvanized, I’d take a peek under there before making any hasty decisions.

According to the seller, the Range’s range is reasonable; it does 100km with 150-200 litres of fine-chopped wood. Top speed is 80-90 km/h, and that’s likely the top speed I’d attempt, however well the stove is attached.

The Range has been on the road last in 2009, and did 6000 km then, so it should be running fairly well without any major issues. Of course, it’s since been a while, so I’d ask the seller to perform some preventative maintenance to the system before washing his hands of it.

Included in the 4500 euro asking price is a parts car, a fairly mossy Range that’s been formerly hearing aid beige with a black stripe. It looks well-used, but there has to be something useable out of it if the seller’s held onto it this long – or then he just wants to get rid of it before it sinks into his field. At least you can combine a complete badge out of the _ANGE ROVER and RA__E ROVER lettering on the cars.

As my phone’s battery is running dry and I’m about to lose my Wifi hotspot, it’s time to finish the post. How do you find this woodgas Range Rover? Just follow the cloud of smoke, of course.

[Source: Nettiauto.com (partially in English)]

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