Hooniverse Truck Thursday: E36 BMW-3 Series….Pickup Truck?

My buddy Matt Gruettner, who owns one sweet modified BMW M3, sent me a  picture of the back of this thing over Facebook with the caption “Guess what it is?” My response: “What the hell?” At first glance it looked like some heavy-duty truck from behind with a collection full of lights you’d find on a carnival ride or ambulance. Either that or it looked like some failed Soviet-era space shuttle that somehow ended up in Winona, Minnesota. (Say that last sentence in a Russian accent for fun)

After  a few more pictures were sent to me, it clearly turned out to be a blue E36 BMW 3-Series made into a pickup truck via some crazy custom backyard job. This car was spotted ironically outside the local Fleet Farm. How do ze Germans say “Yee Haw?” Years go, BMW partook in an April Fool’s prank by releasing pictures of a new BMW M3 pickup truck. This looks a bit more, shall we say, aftermarket. So anyone want to take a guess on the payload capacity? Looking at this photo, I can only imagine what it’d be like to drive this “truck” if it had the 310-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 I6 Euro motor (that my friend Matty crazily has in his M3).

But what about all that loss of structural integrity after chopping off the back of this what I think, was once a four-door car, judging by the rear fenders. My other question, is does that rear lift-gate actually open up, and if so, what kind of strange things lies in the bed of this  Lastkraftwagen (“truck” in German). I love seeing all sorts of bizarre custom creations with wheels, so this BMW 3-Series gets a two thumbs up rating from me. Oh, and I really dig the wheels! [Source: Matt Gruettner]

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