Hooniverse Truck Thursday: Broncos, Elkys, and More, Oh My

So this week this olelongrooffan has been posting a bunch of images I gathered at the Art of The Auto car show last weekend. Surprisingly enough, I spotted a lone longroof, a 65 Falcon and my digital card was full so I was unable to capture a shot of it. Such was not the case when I spotted a few trucks for Hooniverse Truck Thursday.

This beast was parked in front of the convention center and gathered a few onlookers during the show. A bit much for this olelongrooffan though and I don’t really see this filling a need in my life.

Such is not the case with this refreshed Kenworth. It was in excellent condition and I’d convert the trailer to live in, sell my Taj Mahal and Hoon it all around the country. To dream the impossible dream.

There were several Elky’s around and all of them were gorgeous. From this mid 60’s model (67?) to

this last generation model.

There was a beautiful 48 or so F-1, similar to the one my dad, TheGentlemanFarmer, traded 700 bales of hay for back in the day.

This 3100 was totally restored by an amateur husband and wife team.

It was beautiful inside and out. And obviously these folks are members of the Brown Car Appreciation Society.

They even had a placard under the hood bragging about the restoration.

And finally, this vintage Ramcharger was just as beautiful. It sported a plaid interior and this olelongrooffan would love to have this one in my livery any day of the week.

img src= this olelongrooffan
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